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Puente de la Costa Sur donations matched today and tomorrow

May 07, 2014
Great news, Puente made their match. From their email: Puente exceeded our $35,00 goal, thanks to you. Thank you to the more than 171 individuals and businesses that donated $36,544.75 through Silicon Valley Gives. Many thanks to the anonymous donor whose $35,000 challenge grant inspired and motivated us. We are also grateful to our friends at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their steadfast support over many years. All of us on the Puente team are so humbled by the generosity of our beloved…

MROSD concerned about rodenticide’s effect on local bobcats

April 02, 2014
The CDFW has posted a web page that provides a lot of good information on this issue:

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 29, 2014
Cid: Yes, Julia was using her brakes. The pedestrians were reporters who were there for the event. We were the only bikes on the trail and they kept a safe distance. The vehicle is with the construction crew. They were still working on the trail. I think the speed limit is their way of saying, "Don't be unsafe." The trail was resurfaced.

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 29, 2014
When you're out there, you're not looking at the K-rail. Or at least I'm not. Your mileage may vary.

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 25, 2014
No way. It's a bicycle.

Your official invitation to the Coastside Democrats endorsement meeting

March 24, 2014
Thanks for doing this. There are several important issues on the ballot, considering this is a June election. Turnout is really going to matter, and the ballot measures are likely to be contentious.

County proposes LED streetlights for Midcoast communities

March 24, 2014
Lisa: I'm not concerned about LED lights, but I am concerned about light pollution. I love the Coastside's dark night skies. Will there be a discussion of what the county plans to do to mitigate excess glare and light scattering, and the degree to which this was or will be considered in the county's choice of lights?

Photos: Preview of new Devil’s Slide trail

March 18, 2014
To be fair, it started as a highway and we spent a lot of money to keep it from falling into the ocean. It's hardly destructive to clean it up and make it available for pedestrians and cyclists.

Nice to have Coastsider back!

March 02, 2014
Thanks for the kind words. I'm enjoying working on the site again.

La Costanera restaurant seeking permit for daytime operation

March 02, 2014
I should add that I'm really happy to see a successful restaurant at that location, and that their pisco sours are excellent.

La Costanera restaurant seeking permit for daytime operation

March 02, 2014
This has big implications for access and for the neighborhood. Most weekend days, of course, the Costanera parking lot is filled with beach goers. More people will have to park on the highway and hike to the beach. Most evenings, First Street and the east side of Highway are jammed with the cars of Costanera patrons. Montara's going to look like the area around Sam's during the day

Gray Whale Watching, March 22

February 14, 2014
Carl, thanks for the tip. We went on a whale watching tour last year and I was surprised just how close to the shore the whales really are. We saw plenty of whales just off Surfers Beach.

Loving Fitzgerald too much?

November 28, 2011
This was certainly the busiest weekend I can recall. We had to park close to Hwy 1.

Unofficial election results show write-in Laura Stein won by 104 votes

November 19, 2011
April & Laura, thanks. I corrected the margin of victory and fixed the columns.

Video: Hwy 1 Safety & Mobility Study Phase 2 meeting, May 26

November 16, 2011
It's now linked and I've confirmed that it's now correct.

Judge says HMB violated Coastal Act when it cleared Kehoe Watercourse

November 11, 2011
Thanks. I've corrected the story.

Stein leads by 74 votes as MCC ballot counting continues; Write-in candidate likely to win

November 10, 2011
Perhaps the new vote totals include the paper ballots, which were much more likely to include the write-in candidate.

Don’t forget to vote

November 08, 2011
Not many folks at voting at Farallone View either. There's still time to vote, and I agree with Carl that every vote counts in this election. Although we've had a couple of elections in recent years where it came down to a handful of votes. The folks at the polling place were very helpful and I had no trouble getting or using a paper ballot.

No Live TV Coverage for Tonight’s MCC Meeting

September 18, 2011
What happened? I know this was close to the cutover from MCTV, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were technical issues.

MCC agenda for Wednesday, Sept 14

September 13, 2011
POST has said they'll be at meeting on Wednesday for the discussion of fire safety concerns.

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