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MCC committee on Rancho Corral de Tierra, Monday

July 28, 2011
Hi Bill, Thanx for having this meeting. Being on vacation, I'll not be able to attend, however, I'd like to offer a few suggestions for the access points. Interconnectivity of many proposed trails is paramount,whether from low elevations of higher grounds. Spreading visitors out is my point,the more adventurous souls, whether walking,riding mt bikes,or equestrians,can range into these 4,000+acres. This serves to minimalize negative interactions between users that can occasionally occur if trails…

Mapping party in HMB, Saturday

June 15, 2011
Being a fella of elderly status....we never sneak, we "range" (lol) Thanx for the helpful background info Carl, we keep pushing on the same doors,perhaps someday they'll start to open a smidge...

Mapping party in HMB, Saturday

June 13, 2011
Thanx Barry, Thoughts of a rank amateur here: Bet it'd be ramped up a notch or 2 if all SF residents were required to make an appointment well in advance to recreate on all public open space lands here in SM County... Wistful wish of a lifelong resident: To range from Sweeney Ridge x North Peak-Montara Knob-South Peak x Scarper Peak-Skylawn-92-Skyline to Burleigh Murray SP-Purissima Redwoods OSP... One can dream, eh...

Mapping party in HMB, Saturday

June 13, 2011
Here's an example of what other watershed's close by offer:

Mapping party in HMB, Saturday

June 13, 2011
Appreciate the efforts of the folks that showed to fill in the maps. Looking at the posted map, it sure seems past time that SFPUC should open up un guided tour access options for non moto recreationalists on their(our) existing fire roads. Think of a trail that connects from Purissima Redwoods to Pacifica,with bailout options in HMB,ElG,Montara+Moss Beach.... The Bay Area Ridge Trail is working to make this type of trail a reality....…

Join Assembly member Jerry Hill for coffee, Friday

March 11, 2011
Wondering if JH will still have his discussion today? Most folks are heading the other way due to the tsunami warning.

MCC committee on Rancho Corral de Tierra, Monday, Feb 21

February 21, 2011
Bill, I am unable to attend tonights mtng. Parking +access is something the neighbors need to be involved with, your gatherings will further that participation,and I thank You for calling this gathering. Something I'd like to add, as part of the spreading out of access points to RCdT. Pretty much every trail within the upper reaches of RCdT is an out + back trail. My suggestion,as part of the neighborhoods proposals, is to include encouraging GGNRA staff to create interconnecting trails within the…

MCC to get GGNRA update, Wednesday

December 07, 2010
Very excited to see these lands move into public hands. Especially encouraged in seeing the new kids on the block, Mt Bike Riders being welcomed. I'll be at the MCC mtng to hear these plans as they unfold. Great job POST for purchasing these coastal acres, and a big thanx to Farmer Dave, whose family has tilled these lands for generations.Another note of gratitude to the local Horse folks, who have diligently maintained many of the trails within the Rancho.

Caltrans plans “punch-through” event at tunnel, Fri, Oct 1

September 23, 2010
Thanx for posting this event, any idea of what time this will take place? Thanx!

Parvovirus on Coast

July 13, 2010
All, Similar hand made signs are posted randomly above Moss Beach Horse Ranch sign at the Etheldore st entrance. A few Parvo warnings are also posted around the large field directly south of the Seton Hospital property.

Guided hike at Rancho Corral de Tierra in Montara, Sat May 15

May 16, 2010
Just following up on the walk w GGNRA,POST staff yesterday. What a fantastic turnout , I counted approx 55+ people attending the walk. Bird Watchers,Equestrians,Botany afficianato's,Walkers+Mountain Bikers were all scoping out the terrain w great excitement. A big Heartfelt Thanx to the organizers on making this walking event easy on my old rickety bones. Audrey Rust(POST), who admirably spoke even though her canine companion ,who, on hearing her voice from the car, kept letting her know he(she?)…

Photos: Horseback from Moss Beach to Pacifica

May 08, 2010
What a fantastic article, beautiful Pics!! Makes me thankful that we live in such a beautiful area. Someday I dream of utilizing some of the fireroads within the SFPUC watershed to do a loop like this. Although I ride a bicycle(slowly), it's all good.

Accident between car and cyclist has closed Hwy 1 southbound at Devil’s Slide

March 17, 2010
Any word on how the bicyclist is doing?

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 09, 2009
Perhaps some pedestrian-cyclist activated blinking yellow in pavement crosswalk lights, like the ones used in front of SF City hall on Polk st would enhance safety. These could be installed a multiple locations for convenient access within this stretch of highway. I ride my bicycle on Sunshine Valley Rd 1-2x a week up from Etheldore, and cars do drive fast, but the drivers seem , on the whole , to be very courteous and give plenty of room as they pass(fwiw). My Thoughts are with the youngster who…

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
Pacifica(Linda Mar)9:00 am, to SF via hwy 1 , 280, San Jose ave, Out of SF on 19th, 280 to Los Altos-Palo Alto. Palo Alto(3pm) Hwy 101 to 92, 280 - Skyline+Sharp Park into Pacifica+hwy 1 - Linda Mar. Yes, very stormy, but, being is I do this or a slight variation of this trip multiple times per week, I noticed how drivers were, 99.9% being careful-slowing down,allowing merges at interchanges.....Dang, I've gotta say, this gives me great pride in our drivers+ our ability to tone it down when conditions…

Draft report on Coastal Trail is available

September 24, 2009
Thanx Sabrina, I agree that the surfers beach(SB) section is a bottleneck, with no easy solution in how to remedy it the near future. My comment was directed specifically at the overall girth of the new bridge.Seems that the trail existed well before the new bridge was completed, and folks using the trail faced the same gauntlet at SB. The bottleneck at SB is another hurdle that, with dedicated public participation in process,can hopefully find an agreeable conclusion. My thoughts, in my completely…

Draft report on Coastal Trail is available

September 23, 2009
I'll personally hold off forming my opinion of whether the bridge is too big until I see the user demands that Mavericks surf contest, or Pumpkin fest wknd can evidence. Especially if the weather is mild.... If The Mirada Surf Trail & Bridge is as popular as many of the other sections of Coastal Trail is on busy wknds, then perhaps this bridge may not be overbuilt. Think baby strollers, walkers, pedalers, longboard surfers, all seemingly 2+ abreast.

Which parks to visit in the last week before shutdown?

September 03, 2009
For Me+family, Burleigh Murray, When I'm on my own, Portola Redwoods+Butano St Parks. The family likes the old bldngs at Burleigh Murray, I'm more of a remote, Majestic Redwoods kinda outsider. Mt Biking on the Old Haul Rd through Pescadero Crk Co. Park, Portola Redwoods, to Big Basin, is a 2x a year must do for myself. It's almost impossible for us to process any of these area's gated.

Supervisor Gordon’s office hours, Friday

August 24, 2009
10:30 til ?.... Anyone know? Thanx

Trails and Traffic workshop begins with Coastsiders setting their own priorities

July 05, 2009
Sorry to have missed this, family vacation took us elsewhere. Just wish to add to the discussion that interconnected shared use trails from higher elevations would be fantastic. Example: Starting in a South-North direction, Frenchmans Creek rd corridor to Scarper Peak, Scarper Peak to Corral de Tierra, North Peak-McNee Ranch St Park, McNee Ranch St Park to San Pedro Valley Co Park or Discovery Site-Fassler Gate-Milagra Ridge properties. These higher elevation corridors exist today, they just cross…

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