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Sheriff’s report: July 13

July 17, 2011
Way to go Moonridge: Two meth arrests, a gang fight involving shovels and bats, and a reckless/intoxicated driver, all in the same week. Nice place.

Five organizations appeal Big Wave to Coastal Commission

April 20, 2011
I recommend that people at least read the GSD appeal to understand the complete and total incompetence of the County Planning Staff and by extension the complete and total incompetence of their bosses: The County Board of Supervisors.

Supervisors unanimously approve Big Wave permits

March 29, 2011
An unbelievably stupid and illegal decision to approve a project that violates countless laws and regulations. Horsely is pathetic.

Save the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

March 13, 2011
Nice job Sabrina. The Coastal Commission did the right thing.

Farm Bureau, Beautification Committee lost at least $360,000

March 09, 2011
"...The Farm Bureau did not respond to the County Times’s requests for comment..." Gee, I wonder why? I read over at the HMB Review that six-time incumbent HMB City Council member Naomi Patridge is a former employee of the Farm Bureau.

Storms erode beach at new Marine Reserve steps

March 02, 2011
Who's the genius in the County that approved this guaranteed-to-fail design?

Video: Highway 1 Citizens Committee inaugural meeting

February 27, 2011
Carl May: "All this [fill in the blank] over the past few years is simply in service of the county’s desire to urbanize infrastructure in order to support greater midcoast overdevelopment." That simple framework, Ladies and Gentlemen, allows you to understand everything that happens in local and County government. In this regard, it is interesting to note that County-favored MCC politician Neil Merillees is in the business of building and selling multi-million dollar ocean front "homes" that were…

Slide show: Big Wave hearing presentation by Sabrina Brennan

November 23, 2010
"...The only danger here is NIMBY..." Actually, the only danger here is ignorance, apathy, and the desire for a self-centered yuppie lifestyle, i.e., people moving to an area because of its perceived natural beauty and uniqueness, but then, not only never lifting a finger to actually help protect the place, but instead going out of their way to support the forces which seek to exploit for profit the very uniqueness that drew them here (like moths) in the first place.

Highway 1 trail & median landscaping ribbon cutting, Monday

November 12, 2010
Who's paying for this giant unnecessary project anyway? Taxpayers no doubt. Apparently the Chamber of Commerce thinks that somehow this project is going to be the magic bullet that turns HMB into a tourist Mecca that enriches all local businesses.

HMB considers its (lack of) budget options in special meeting

November 05, 2010
...Muller [said] "We don’t lose many elections.” Spoken like a true entrenched Old Guard politician who is used to running the City without any opposition. They could have delayed hiring a new Police Chief when the old one left, thereby saving a lot of money in salary and benefits. But no they had to go right out and promptly hire another one.

Video: “I want the Big Wave project!”

October 23, 2010
Hilarious. The part about the HMB City Council is perfect.

Chart: Big Wave EIR preparation time vs. public’s time to review

October 23, 2010
The County planning staff is owned and operated by the realtor/developer lobby, as is the County Board of Supervisors. The County Planning Commission has a bit more integrity, so perhaps they will do the right thing and not approve a project that grossly violates numerous laws and regulations.

Owners donate Glencree to HMB

October 14, 2010
They should have donated it to the Coastside Land Trust. Whatever. Now there is one owner of giant wetland dominated parcel. Another Wavecrest waiting to happen.

Going Coastal: Rich Gordon

September 09, 2010
I didn't watch this as I'm not interested in hearing Rich Gordon's self-serving propaganda. The truth is he helped torpedo nearly 10 years of local effort in trying to update the MidCoast LCP. As County Supervisor, Gordon voted to reject the Coastal Commission-approved version of the Midcoast LCP update that would have had major benefits for residents and visitors by helping to protect and restore the unique MidCoast environment. Instead Gordon favored a version of the LCP update that is designed…

Stop residential cell towers on the Coastside

September 06, 2010
"...How is it the Coastside County Water District clearly posted just a few months ago that the trees on that lot were being either removed or trimmed, and yet the notice of this cell tower gets buried in the HMB Review notices?..." This is how the elected CCWD directors (Larimer, Mickelsen, Coverdell, etc) typically do business. CCWD is another example where term limits are needed to kick out entrenched Old Guard politicians who cater to development interests rather than doing what is best for Coastside…

Harbor Commission will get at least one outside member this year

September 03, 2010
"...Tucker would also like to see a new office complex built at Pillar Point..." Translation: He would like to see a new 3-story Big Wave Mega-Office Complex.

Miramar area DSL problems

September 02, 2010
Maybe the lesson here is that houses should never have been built in that area (just a thought).

Why I’m running for Harbor Commissioner

August 26, 2010
Good luck Sabrina. It's clear the Harbor Commission needs some new blood. From this week's HMB Review: "Harbor Commissioner Sally Campbell, who has been on the board 18 years....said she would like to see commissioners who initially keep their mouths shut, learn what’s going on, and then, if they have good ideas, wait their turn to talk..." Having the election is “going to hurt very badly,” Campbell said. “But I can’t say who can and cannot run for election — that’s part of a democracy.”…

Celebrity bartenders support education foundation, Thurs

August 24, 2010
Just curious, but how does one earn the title "celebrity?"

Save The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

August 20, 2010
From the HMB Review 8/20/2010 "County ditches asphalt trail for Fitzgerald"

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