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Photos: Preview of new Devil’s Slide trail

March 18, 2014
Oh this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and we can't wait to do this trail.

Miramar area DSL problems

September 01, 2010
Do you have a thread going on the relevant forum on It may catch the attention of someone who does care and wants to fix this. Hope you can get some resolution!

County schedules free Swine Flu vaccinations

January 11, 2010 doesn't work

Peace breaks out at Pillar Point

October 25, 2009
Is there something missing here, like a picture?

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 07, 2009
Thanks for clarifying, Tim! I think it's easy to mis-read who wrote what!

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 07, 2009
Tim - I don't have a problem with MCC; I was reacting to a post that doesn't help me understand someone else's problem with the MCC. Please don't confuse my example (already disclaimed in the text above) of a more helpful (to me) posting style with an actual "problem."

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 07, 2009
Thanks, Sabrina, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and articulate the issues more clearly (at least for me; I learned just enough from your followup to help me try to develop a perspective on the issue)

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 07, 2009
This is exactly the kind of thing I don't want to see on Coastsider. This is just snark; there's no information, just attitude. I'm happy to read passionate opinion pieces, I just want them to use some persuasion tactics that respect rather than insult my intelligence. Don't assume I know what the MCC is or what the problems are. Engage me in sharing your passion by clearly articulating something that I may not know. Above: [The MCC is a] Small pack of coyotes barking at the moon. Alternative (and…

Coastside beaches to be closed in budget deal

July 21, 2009 says they are keeping "most state parks open"

Gray Whale Cove boogie boarder has a brush with dangerous current

March 31, 2009
Hmm. I drove by Gray Whale Cove at 6:15 and saw police and fire in the parking lot and an American Medical Response on the west side of 1. That seems much later than you'd expect if they found him at 3. But I don't think this was related to the body-in-a-wetsuit-that-became-a-decomposed-seal since this was not at Montara Beach. Hard to reconcile the time and place I saw emergency response with what the news reports are saying. Two incidents and neither match up.

Photo: MWSD 50th anniversary celebration at Montara Lighthouse

August 27, 2008
I've put up a handful of shots from the event at

Was ailing surf scoter at Francis Beach a victim of the oil spill?

November 10, 2007
Driving past Linda Mar beach on Hwy 1 the past few days has been extremely smelly and I figured (without any evidence) that was the oil.

Photo: Busting spam in the real world

June 28, 2007
Thank goodness. Now if someone can do something about the Greenhouse signs all over Montara. Spam is exactly what it is, in fact these are like pop-ups because they get in your face and you have to navigate your way around them.

Red Ginger opens in El Granada

February 07, 2007
Wow. They didn't last very long. It was the most ambitious development for Coastsiders I've seen in the few years I've been here (Sam's Chowder House or whatever is for visitors, not Coastsiders so I don't count that, IMHO). I wasn't impressed with our first and only visit there, but I still held out hope.

Saturday is cabaret night at Caffé Lucca

November 04, 2006
I'm always amazed when they do this that they charge $10 for it. I realize we are in the era of $450 concert tickets, but if I'm going to hang out at a local place for fun, and buy drinks while I'm there, I don't expect to pay a cover, at least not like that. Any idea I might have of "hey, that's cool, let's go check it out (and if it's bad we'll leave)" is negated by the price. $5 you might get me to take a chance. But not $10. Just my opinion, of course.

Dog etiquette (for humans)

March 24, 2006
This has been a stress/frustration of mine since we got a dog two years. I have dealt with the humans who don't move a muscle but call "Chelsea, get back here!" while I'm on the leash-end of a maelstrom of pulling and snarling. I suspect these folks believe their dog is "fine" to be off-leash and if my dog can't handle that, it probably is my responsibility as a dog owner to deal with it. I don't agree with that attitude, but I can sort of understand it...who are we responsible for? Ourselves and…

Fallen cypress takes out power to 427 Montara homes, telephone

March 21, 2006
Thanks for this! Our power went out at 7:55. Took a long time for PG&E to get the call, I guess. But I think we were back by 12:30 pm.

Coastside power outage started in San Bruno

February 10, 2006
Hmm. We had a one minute flicker at 4:00 am (in Montara) but nothing earlier that night.

Another Comcastic rate increase

November 29, 2005
This is so lame. I will be paying over $100 for television at that point. We get terrible quality service - the lower channels are ghosted and the higher channels have so much hiss in them that we have to crank things up to hear 'em, but we've got the worst audio quality anyway. It's depressing.

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 15, 2005
Barb - what is your deal? Why are you addressing your comments to me? You seem to be making up out of thin air some implication or statement that I never made. If anything, my comments were in support of your efforts, so why go on the aggressive here? Confused.

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