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Series on caregiving for the elderly begins Tuesday, March 15

March 05, 2011
What an excellent and helpful class to offer! So many families will welcome this kind of information.

Native plant restoration at Pigeon Point Light Station, Oct 23

October 19, 2010
The plant restoration project at Pigeon Point Light Station is amazing. The non-native iceplant was planted and left to spread many years ago. Gradually, it smothered the native plants and eliminated or compromised habitat for native birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. A group of volunteers and California State Parks personnel recently began removing the iceplant down to bare dirt. Then they waited to see if any of the native plants would come back. Some did. The group looked at nearby bluffs with…

Photos: Raising baby hummingbirds

July 05, 2010
Wonderful pictures, Barry. Made my day! Thanks for sharing them.

Photo: Backyard hummingbird nest in Montara

June 11, 2010
Great picture, Cheri!

Photo: Ceanothus silk moths in Montara

May 08, 2010
Fabulous pictures, Barry!

Caving in and kowtowing to developers is common in San Mateo County politics

April 19, 2010
Christine, You say "Yes, I believe collaboration is the most sustainable solution." So do I. You say, "Yellow journalism sells." We don't have to buy. Adversarial and confrontational politics may be the name of the game today, but the result is delay and ultimate defeat. We have to work together for solutions. Darin's position is not confrontational; it's simply the way our democracy is supposed to work. Let's have civil discourse rather than invective, diplomacy rather than war. Please.

HMB woman selected for Peace Corps

April 19, 2010
More power to you, Christina! And thank you.

Will there be a local book signing for June’s newest book?

April 06, 2010
I see the point of a local celebration in Moss Beach; maybe someone will organize one. But Bay Book Co. in Strawflower shopping center in HMB has a long history of promoting and selling new works by Coastside writers, for which many local writers and readers have been grateful and/or hopeful. Wouldn't hurt sales of June Morrall's book to celebrate in both communities!

Woman drowns after being knocked down by wave at Sharp Park Beach

March 29, 2010
Better still, keep your dog on a leash at the beach. Or off the beach entirely.

Photo: Baby snakes!

March 25, 2010
Fairy penguins / little penguins in Southern coastal Australia and coastal South Island New Zealand would still be awfully large for these little garter snakes, but perhaps a whipsnake could eat one if it was a really good swimmer! ;)

Accident between car and cyclist has closed Hwy 1 southbound at Devil’s Slide

March 18, 2010
You might want to compare the headline on with this one: Seems to me they are pretty much the same "who what when where" with nobody grinding axes.

The Coastside’s uninsured need your help

March 15, 2010
Excellent article, Cheryl. It brings home the national argument over health care reform. So much misinformation in the media and blogs! But it boils down to how we treat our neighbors--and our own and our families' futures. Your advice is our best hope right now: "Turn your caring into action by contacting your elected officials to let them know how you feel about helping our neighbors get health insurance. Help us save lives."

Seton resident’s work on display in show at State Capitol

March 15, 2010
Fabulous image! There's no age or mobility limit on talent and creativity. Mr. Moses has the right idea: “It’s important to me to remain busy and productive regardless of where I happen to call home,” said Moses. “I hope others will also see the benefit of remaining active.”

Natural History Lecture: What’s Up with Upwelling?, Saturday, Feb 20

February 18, 2010
The site lists the day for this event as Saturday: Saturday Afternoon Lecture Series Next Lecture: What's Up With Upwelling? by Carol Preston Saturday, February 20th at 1:30pm

Photo: Pacifica’s Nurdle Beach

February 08, 2010
That beach looks polluted to me, and it's not just the styrofoam! Yuk! Lots of California beaches are subject to this kind of trash and indestructible plastic at various times of the year. That's why participating in Beach Cleanup days, as the folks in the video did, is a small thing each of us can do to save the ocean and all living things that depend on it. Much of this trash comes from sidewalk and roadside litter that gets washed down the storm drains. So using trash receptacles and picking up…

Coastside author June Morrall, 1947 - 2010

January 05, 2010
I never met June Morall, but her books and her blog have fed my interest in coastside history and people. I almost felt I knew her from her writing. She will be missed.

Peace breaks out at Pillar Point

October 25, 2009
Glad you asked. I was mystified too!

Montara Fog releases candidate videos

October 05, 2009
Now that's what I call "public service!" Thank you, Darin and thank you, Barry. The speakers said what they wanted to say in a straightforward manner--good documentary video. I can't understand why all of the candidates did not choose to avail themselves of this opportunity to address us voters directly. This is no time for hubris. We've just got to start talking to each other with respect!

The California State Parks Foundation has a comment on the Governor's announcement: ------------ As usual, it's not over 'til it's over. Suzanne

That headline should read Gov. Schwarzenegger announces plan to keep state parks open Apologies for the typo! Guess I got excited...

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