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Letter: Can anybody at all explain the Montara Water rates?

November 12, 2007
In addition to my previous comment - take a good look at the County's "Map of Development Potential for the Midcoast with Watershed Information" - Miscoast_...pdf (2.7 MB). This map was used as a Discussion/Action Item for County's "Public Hearing" of their Midcoast Stormwater Drainage Committee on 11/8/07. It is evidence that the County is totaly ignoring the strong advisements NOT to allow building on Steep Forested Hillsides provided by multiple U.S.G.S. Geologists; there wouldn't be drainage…

Letter: Can anybody at all explain the Montara Water rates?

November 11, 2007
Taking a look at Paul Perkovic's recent comment on Review's "TalkAbout" below, I am totally dismayed that Supervisor Richard Gordon/County has held hostage MWSD's Failed Well Policy by tying it into, and making it dependent on the Coastal Commission's approval of County's exploitive, fraudulent "LCP Update" that based all of it's assumptions for doubling the amount of houses, people, cars and out-of-scale expansions of water/sewer infrastructure, water supply additions, road expansions & urbanized…

Letter: Noise abatement violations over Montara

October 02, 2007
FYI, the County has been refusing to update to the current status the Air/Safety Standards and are operating the Half Moon Bay under 1974 Air/Safety Standards; there are way too many people under the current UNSAFE Air Traffic Patterns now. The County is also delaying the Half Moon Bay Airport’s Master Plan Update. This is because the County wants to shove as much residential development including on the multitude of Antiquated 25' Sub-Standard Lots in the Mid-Coast that are not even included in…

Montara and Moss Beach homeowners with wells have no other options

September 04, 2007
So, where is the wisdom in San Mateo County's plan in their fraudulent "LCP Updte" to DOUBLE the population in the Mid-Coast and allow people to build over-sized structures on the multitude of Antiquated 25' Sub-Standard Lots in the Mid-Coast that are not even included in County's old, over-estimated LCP Buildout Numbers upon which they erroneously based all of their over-assumptions for how many additional houses, people, cars & out-of-scale water/sewer infrastructure, water supply additions, urbanized…

CCWD director sends anonymous hate mail to HMB planning commissioner

August 30, 2007
Ken Johnson wrote: Isn’t it about time we get a REAL newspaper on the Coastside? The answer is YES! Thank goodness the Tax-Paying Homeowner/Residents here and people in the outside world who CARE about our fragile, LIMITED Coastside have where they can get the TRUTH of things. For instance, on the back page of their latest issue we find two articles where the full story is LEFT OUT. In an article entitled, "City declines to pay for SAM improvements" where the REAL story is in the…

Graphic language

June 19, 2007
Hey, if you think that's something, just wait and take a look at tomorrow's edition; I understand that the Review will be putting forth their version of the debauched "Beachwood/Foothill Blvd." affair. Barb Mauz

Midcoast park planning public meeting is Thursday night

March 28, 2007
The Half Moon Bay Reivew carrier for El Granada has been delivering around 2:30 p.m. and so I went out front about that time, took my 94 year old neighbor his and brought mine into the house & then took a walk - coming up Santiago towards home, I noticed that someone or some group had taken every single paper & left only the free magazine in the delivery bag - when I got onto Salvador I noticed my neighbor's was also missing - I got curious to see if the people on Cabrillo/Moro, Ventura and other…

County will hold community meetings on Midcoast parks

March 25, 2007
I don't know about the rest of your renderings but,"Drawings - El Granada" cannot be viewed - message states "Damaged - Cannot Be Reapired" - can you please fix it/others so that the Tax-Paying Homeowners in the Mid-Coast can see what proposals this group has drummed up to date? Where was the notice for the Public Meeting set for this Thursday, 3/29/07 @ 7:00 p.m. at Harbor House in Princeton published? Thanks, Barb Mauz

Next week’s Coastal Commission meeting will be live on the Web

February 16, 2007
There are many critical issues involved in the inappropriate over-development being proposed for hillside land behind the Urban/Rural Boundary off of San Juan in El Granada. These issues really need to be brought out into the open so that people can be made aware of just exactly what is a risk. In my opinion, the County's approval of residential development on land historicly devoted to agricultural use and the proposed conversion of an agricultural well to domestic use would set a very bad precedent…

Reminder: Montara and El Granada community parks meetings this week

January 23, 2007
It has been reported on the Review's website that a bicyclist and vehicle collided earlier this week on SR1 near Surfer's Beach. According to HMB police, the bicyclist was reportedly making a left turn off the highway's southbound lane at the stop light when he was struck by an SUV. CA State Parks officials, CA Hwy. Patrol & HMB police responded. The article states that the victim was taken to HMB Airport and transported by helicopter for treatment at 10 a.m. There was no immediate word on his condition.…

County hopes to bring more parks to the Midcoast

December 21, 2006
The priorities of the Tax Paying Homeowners in the Mid-Coast in response to the County’s Survey of Registered Voters in the Midcoast were very clear: (1)Acquisition and Preservation of Greenbelt/Open Space Areas and, (2) Trails, NOT the destruction of them by urbanized recreational development! The County's Park/Rec. Plan, just like the County's fraudulent "LCP Update" erroneously based its assumptions on the old, over-estimated LCP Buildout Numbers from the 1980's that don't even include the multitude…

Supervisors approve LCP Update

November 19, 2006
Watch/Tape last Tuesday's BOS mtg. at 10:00 a.m. on MCTV (CH6)- 11/20/06. The BOS approved of Re-Zoning Amendments (Not Sent to the Coastal Commission for their Review) of RM/CZ, Open Space, AG, PAD Lands to an overlay complete with min. parcel size of 5,000 sq.ft. & max. house size and also impose on these same areas & all S-17 areas, the detmn. that 3,500 sq.ft. lots or larger yet under the 5,000 sq.ft. Zoning Lot Min. Req. for El Granada, Princeton, Moss Beach & Montara will be considered BUILDABLE,…

Caltrans to open Devils Slide bids Tuesday

November 17, 2006
All it would take is a can of paint to convert these two oversized tunnels into a four-lane underground freeway! Fax letters a.s.a.p. to the Coastal Commission c/o Chris Kern at (415) 904-5400 and ask that the Coastal Commission remove from San Mateo County their jurisdiction over the Mid-Coast's Local Coastal Plan (LCP) and their Fraudulent, Exploitive "LCP Update" that would lead to the exploitation of the multitude of Antiquaed 25' Sub-Standard Lots not even expressed in their 1980's over-estimated…

Supervisors vote to allow no more housing on Burnham Strip

October 19, 2006
Excuse us a moment here, Mr. Hyman ---- you seem to be ignoring the fact that the existing Tax-Paying Homeowner/Residents in the Mid-Coast ALSO have Property Rights and the need to protect our Greenbelt/Open Space Areas including the Burnham Buffer Strip that is a part of the Burnham Street Plan which is a County Historic Resource in El Granada which is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, Designed Community by Daniel Burnham in 1906. It is designated Rural Land and is Zoned Community Open Space Conservation. It is…

Opinion: County Supervisors push their buildout vision on Coastside residents

October 16, 2006
I have looked and have been unable to locate any news source other than or the SF Examiner - click here: that have published an article regarding the Board of Supervisor's Public Hearing on their so-called "LCP Update" set for tomorrow morning. It seems as if the HMB Review and S.M. County Times have both been pursuaded ($$$$) by the County/Builders/Realtors & Greedy 25' Sub-Standard…

Opinion: County Supervisors push their buildout vision on Coastside residents

October 15, 2006
Actually, the County Supervisors are pushing the Builder/Realtor/Daveloper/Greedy Antiquated 25' Sub-Standard Lot Owners' vision of buildout on the Tax-Paying Homeowner/Residents in the Mid-Coast and Half Moon Bay who would suffer the consequences of shared, finite Coastal Resources being destroyed such as Coastal/Ocean Viewsheds and water - once these things are gone, they are gone forever! The County has incorrectly based all of their over-bloated assumptions for how many additional houses, people,…

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 05, 2006
Also, while we're still on the topic of Wavecrest, maybe CUSD Trustee, Charlie Gardner can give us an update on how CUSD means to extricate itself from the debauched "Land Swap" Deal involving Wavecrest & CUSD owned Vacant Land in North El Granada which is a designated "Affordable Housing Site" in the Mid-Coast. Kevin Lansing wrote: [quote]While we're on the topic of Wavecrest, perhaps CUSD Trustee Gardner could provide the public with a brief update on the status (if any) of CUSD taking steps to…

Who should replace David Gorn?

July 07, 2006
Ray, Sometimes, more often than not now, with the current majority on the City Council, Jim Grady who is the only moderate member has to draw the Hard Line with the antics of all of the shark-like, Special Interest/"Property Rights" individuals who are trying to undo the City's protective land use policies & laws. Jim Grady is doing a wonderful job of defending these policies & laws! Barb Mauz

Big Wave project hearing tonight in El Granada

June 05, 2006
This meeting regarding "Big Wave, LLC" is being described as a "Pre-application PUBLIC WORKSHOP" but according to a friend of mine there was no Published Notice of this meeting nor, was the Mid-Coast Community Council advised of it taking place; only people residing at the El Granada Mobile Home Park were sent a Notice - this bypasses needed public scrutiny and that is just plain wrong! Project Description: Major Development Pre-application Review, Coastal Development Permit, Use Permit, Major Subdivision…

Caltrans may end “free” right turns onto Hwy 92 for HMB commuters

May 19, 2006
Brian, you & others should be addressing your concerns to the Mid-Coast Community Council; ask them why they are going along with the County's so-called "LCP Update" which is a total fraud. The County's "LCP Update" incorrectly bases all of its over-bloated assumptions for how many additional houses, people & cars they would like to shove into the Mid-Coast (at least twice the amount as are here today) upon the out-dated over-estimated LCP Buildout Numbers from the 1980's that don't even include…

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