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Opinion:  Understanding the history of the MCTV dispute

March 28, 2008
Until reading these postings in Coastsider, I hadn't understood why it was that our local tv station was so lame. I just thought that nobody was interested. Sad that the ivory tower mentality operating at MCTV is ruining what could be a great asset for our community. The internet is a wonderful thing - I use & contribute to it every day. But I know many people who don't use the net, and have no use for it. Television, as old a medium as it is, still carried impact, when you have worthwhile programing.…

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 28, 2008
Hi June, Carl May has a point about the quality of production values, etc. Though content is most often a matter of taste - and therefore more difficult to ascertain as to what offerings are "view-worthy" - meaning that you have to have good sound, picture, etc. for someone to sit there & watch. I have a lot of videos uploaded to my YouTube (Debwong), but only some reach into the thousands in viewings. YouTube is not perfect, either. I finally sprung for my own program to create my own flash videos,…

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 27, 2008
Reading June's comment, I agree that the internet is a lovely place to exhibit your artwork, movies, etc. I have been doing just that since 1999 (put the name "Deb Wong" in the search engines - over half will be my sites). This doesn't mean that we can't have BOTH, though - right? As June also said, cable may be some people's only form of entertainment. Not everyone has or is into computers. Small towns don't have to equate to small minds or expectations.

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 27, 2008
I think that Carl has a point. There are many talented and creative people in our community, who could contribute to our local station. We als have our own "characters" - and I mean that in the best way. However, since I am a more recent resident of the Half Moon Bay area, having moved here just 8 years ago, perhaps I am not as aware about the politics of the power behind the media on the coast(I grew up in Pacifica, where we had our own politics). It is easy to become discouraged when one keeps…

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 27, 2008
Perhaps I'm naive, but I always thought that Community Television should reflect the diversity and varied interests of its community. The only way for that to happen is for station owners/managers to offer a viable forum for the locals - irrespective of the personal tastes or opinions of said management. Public Access can be a good thing, if handled properly. Years ago, my daughter's (award winning) film short "Daydream Believer" was shown on Redwood City's public access station, which got the attention…

Is MCTV worth saving? Part I:  MCTV privatizes the public record

March 27, 2008
MCTV offers next-to-nothing for local viewers. All we see are old re-runs of videos made in the 80s & 90s...over & over & over again - or poorly-made videos of public meetings with bad sound & lighting. If it were off the air, who would notice its absence? One might think that Ms. Malach would welcome new videos, fresh material, viewers contributions (as there are with many local stations around the country that we have seen). But I guess if MCTV works for her "as-is", she has no motivation to change…

Coastside Farmers’ Market field notes: Prologue to 2008

March 23, 2008
We're looking forward to the Farmer's Market returning to Shoreline Station - not just because it's good for OUR business, too - but we have also enjoyed the selections we have found at the market! - Deb & Mike Wong, Spring Mountain Gallery

Darin’s Tuesday Photo: Ocean from Wavecrest

September 19, 2007
Incredible...and I see a lot of incredible photos. GREAT shot!

CCWD director sends anonymous hate mail to HMB planning commissioner

August 29, 2007
Not sure if Lambert is right that the letter from Mickelson was "much ado about nothing". The letter writer seems to be harboring a lot of rage. He also appears slightly unstable, with the letter bordering on harrassment. We do not need people like this in public service. The sentiments written on the letter have "loose canon" written all over them.

Darin’s Monday Photo: Hawk at Poplar Beach

August 24, 2007
That is one FAT hawk! Must be good eatin's 'round those parts.

Photo: Got flowers?

August 20, 2007
BEAUTIFUL photo! Thank you for sharing.

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 17, 2007
YES!!!!! and THANK YOU!

Darin’s Monday Photo: Afterglow

August 07, 2007
WOW! Is that on Mars...or.....? Looks almost unearthly, but beautiful.

Photo: Wayward kestrel chick taxis for take-off

July 30, 2007
Good for Evan & Tim! That chick is a beautiful bird, should now be flying around soon.....a garage is no place for a bird.

HMB artist exhibits in Altered Barbie Show

July 30, 2007
What a creative and productive way to use Barbie Dolls!

Thanks to the American Legion for last night’s fireworks

July 10, 2007
BEAUTIFUL shots, Elizabeth! One way to make something that lasts a few seconds live forever. Our thanks too to the American Legion for bringing back the *big* fireworks!

Video: Darin Boville re-imagines Wednesday’s fireworks

July 09, 2007
Wow, we were there, too, but got a whole different vantage point from the pier. I got some video clips, too, which are of our location and vantage point. There were a couple of loud, pretty blasted spectators who can be heard on the clips. One guy just kept yelling: "BOOM!" after every rocket was shot off. So, for awhile there, it was just: "Boom! Boom! Boom!", then he yelled: "That's Independence, Baby!" Some people on a boat lit up a bunch of M80s right in front of us, to…

Photo: Here, kitty!

March 18, 2007
That tree makes as good a frame as long as kitty stays put! =^..^=

Cypress Cove survey gives NIMBY a bad name

July 13, 2005
We here at the Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community in Moss Beach (our own HOA) would LOVE to have a park next door! Is there any way that they can park their park here, instead?

Pescadero has a new postmaster

June 15, 2005
YAY, RITA!!!! Congratulations! Rita will be a real asset to Pesacdero's P.O., though we will miss her here. As a regular of the post offices along the coast (EBay sales, packages to be mailed every day), you get to know the regulars. Rita stands out as being not only efficient, but has the disposition and sense of humor - easy laugh - to handle the job. Way to go, Rita!!!!

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