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Gray Squirrels on the Coastside?

October 27, 2010
I live in the Pillar Point Mobile Home park in a location against the bluffs. We've had two grey squirrels as regular visitors to our yard for the last several months. Sorry Lisa :)

Photo: Pacifica’s Nurdle Beach

January 28, 2010
You might want to check out this web site before you so glibly dismiss the effects of pollution in our oceans. Midway Message from the Gyre

Map: Mr. Big Wave’s Neighborhood

December 18, 2009
Sometime in the recent past there was a proposal to build 3 houses on West Portal overlooking the marsh. Looking at this map, I do not see any privately owned land in the location of this project which seems to be in the area of the boundary between 12 (Vandenberg) and 3 (POST). Does this mean that POST has purchased this property and perhaps we have one less ill conceived development project to worry about?

Rain may return Wednesday night

February 02, 2009
Sadly, I've heard this forecast too many times over the last 3 years, only to be disappointed.

POST breaks ground for new and improved trails at Pillar Point Bluff

August 27, 2008
I frequent the Pillar Point bluff area both on bicycle and on foot and in its current configuration, both experiences are very pleasant. My concern is the new plan will entice more people into this area and whether on foot or bicycle will degrade the experience of the visitors there. Presently, even on weekends the number of visitors in not overwhelming and there is always the opportunity to find a place of solace to quietly enjoy. I find walkers, bicyclist and dog walkers mingle very well with minimum…

Letter: An oft-misdiagnosed disease that can be prevented

April 06, 2008
Thanks for the information, I will consider this seriously. My mother had shingles and went thru some rough times because of it. For the life of me I can't remember if I ever had chickenpox and have no clue how to find out.

Photo: White-tailed Kite at Wavecrest

September 24, 2007
Thanks so much for posting the photo Barry, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the main page. Thanks also to Ken King for making us aware of the presence of such wonderful creatures right above our noses.

Letter: Amazing raptor display at Wavecrest now

September 23, 2007
Some photos I shot today. Click on image for larger size. Another Picture

Letter: Amazing raptor display at Wavecrest now

September 16, 2007
I took my camera down on Friday to get some pictures of the Black-shouldered Kite. They must have been on an extended lunch break, but I did see one, but too far for a good pic. However, I ran into a very proud Red Tailed Hawk (I think, I'm not a bird expert, just a bird admirer) and he was very pleased to allow me to photograph him. Keep the reports of the Black-shouldered Kites coming, or any other birds for that matter as we live in a rich and diverse bird paradise, and I will try to get down…

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 16, 2007
Thanks to all that pulled this off, including the Red-Legged Frog, this is indeed wonderful news.

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 10, 2007
Mike Perkins said:

Photos: Winter surfing at Montara

March 10, 2007
Gray and turbulent? Give me December all year in place of daylight savings time. If you want good pictures, go to Belmont, they are always a couple months away from the gray and turbulent waves of early December.

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

December 03, 2006
Mary, Perhaps I missed the point here or you are confusing Orwellian with the N word as described by Mr Goodwin. To my recollection I did not mention the N word or the H word in my post. Perhaps you yourself have been trapped by Mr Goodwin’s Law.

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

December 01, 2006
This thread reminds me of a story a heard about a town called Washington about six years ago. Seems all the canaries were scared away by hawks. The unfortunate results were: An immoral and illegal war with thousands of American and Iraqi citizens and others massacred for oil and corporate profits. Torture became fashionable and even legalized into law. The rights of habeas corpus in effect since 1305 deleted. Illegal wire taps and snooping replaced habeas corpus. The Constitution destroyed. Moslems…

County is getting warning system, but tsunami warning system still has “bugs”

November 17, 2006
With the number of crank calls and robo calls I totally ignore my phone most of the time. I don't think the phone will work in emergency situations. We really need a very loud siren or alarm system that will wake citizens from the deepest sleep or something else that some creative people can conjur. This is a very serious situation and needs a solution that will work for all people in danger.

Environmentalists didn’t kill Measure S

July 27, 2006
I don’t think environmentalist can really be defined. It’s more an innate characteristic of both organic and inorganic members of our world. It is a built in mechanism that insures the harmonious interaction of all species for continued existence.

Letter:  Why hasn’t anything been done about the evening commute?

July 09, 2006
The backup starts earlier than 4pm, as my wife hits the 280/92 interchange at about 2pm and often ecounters backups at that time.

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

June 26, 2006
To George Muteff fake (Definition) adj. Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent. The issue here is not farming but development. I have nothing against Mr. Iocopi and I would be happy to see him farm that property for many years in the future. That’s more appeasing and productive than what is proposed by Big Wave for that property. You call Mr. Iocopi an endangered species and in the same breath defend the very developers that will gobble up what little land that is left for farming.…

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

June 24, 2006
The Big Wave people have shown their true colors with the fake farm. Big Wave should get a big Bye Bye Wave.

Devil’s Slide will be open in late September, says Caltrans

May 15, 2006
"Caltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi said that over 160 horizontal ties would be sunk twice as deep (150 feet) as those used last time in order to anchor the slide to a much larger slide below it." I'm a little confused by the above statement by Bijan of caltrans. From looking at the diagram it looks like the slide is being anchored to more stable land to the east not below. In any case it’s like securing two sinking ships together. It does make sense as a temporary fix using a slower sinking…

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