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Caving in and kowtowing to developers is common in San Mateo County politics

April 16, 2010
Printing Presses, yes. Freedom of Speech, yes. Can we get back to Neil's question? It's one I've asked again and again myself, sometimes here in the Coastside comments. Again, the question was "what is there is to gain by calling the Supervisors names, and inferring that they don’t care about coastal issues, just because they happen to disagree with our personal positions?" It's obviously not a question about the *right* to criticize political leaders. It has nothing whatsoever to do with printing…

Consultants’ plan for Hwy 1 lacks awareness of our environment and community

February 27, 2010
Don't tease us Carl...a lot of people have been working hard on this issue and spending valuable resources to develop ideas--tell us how the consultant and the citizen participants in the workshops reacted when you presented your ideas and criticisms. It was an informal atmosphere, at least at the workshop last year, as far as I recall. Lots of chances to be heard. Didn't you find that they were willing to hear you out, even to incorporate some of your ideas? Better yet, I'll ask around among the…

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
>>nd Darin buddy - I hate you man! ;-> I kept looking across the yard at the lights on in your place wondering what a difference 50 feet makes!

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 10, 2009
The reasons for the political impotence of the coastside becomes ever clearer. --Darin

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 08, 2009
Although I disagree with almost everything Carl says in the last post (in my view its all backwards--credibility needs to come first, which leads to respect from the county, you can't act in bizarre fashion and then complain people don't listen to your advice) I will agree wholeheartedly that the key to the whole thing is moving the MCC into a position where it gains real power. It mights start off with some limited form of power, maybe over some narrow topic area, but once it comes the MCC will…

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 08, 2009
Putting aside the Brown Act issues, the main point I'm making is that the MCC should behave in a more business-like manner. Taking seriously the obligation to post agenda's in a manner that best reaches the audience would be good. The agenda is *still* not on the web page. I agree wholeheartedly about time limits. If the MCC will make proper use of it I will purchase and donate a gavel and a clock for the MCC's use. Just let me know. --Darin

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 07, 2009
One thought for Tim and the other MCC members who will serve in the upcoming term is to run the meetings in a more business-like way. For example, the agenda item for the recent dust up that caused one member to walk out of the meeting was: "Recap of Jackie Speier’s Health Care Town Hall. Possible Letter to Board of Supervisors. Sponsor: Sabrina Brennan" I published the entire agenda item on Montara Fog. If you watch it you will hear only the briefest mention of Jackie Speier's town hall in the…

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 31, 2009
Kevin, Hey there. You are not reading what I wrote very carefully. You say >>>“Kathryn than monopolized the discussion”. But, I have to profess, >>>she did it “calmly” as well… no mention of that. But if you look again at my very short text I say: >>>>Carter then continued calmly quoting from the Mackey paper. As for Krugman, he won the Economics Prize, not the Peace Prize. A very different thing. Gore won the Peace Prize and Arafat, you failed to mention, shared his prize with Perez and…

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 31, 2009
>Krugman is the Fox Financial Channel of the left

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 30, 2009
At least he used his real name this time! --Darin

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 30, 2009
Or perhaps naive? Whatever the merits of his pro-market version of health care reform even John Mackey should have realized that at this late stage in the debate his views, solicited by the strongly conservative Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page, would only serve as an attack on Obama and the health care reform bills opposed by Republicans. Surely he should have realized that his column would provide a rational facade for the underlying political opposition to health care reform. Opponents to "ObamaCare"…

Probable mountain lion sighting

July 30, 2009
I was walking with my family a few weeks ago at dusk, in a light rain, on San Pedro Road, and we saw one. Looked like a small mountain lion, though somewhat difficult to make out in the dim light and rain. Seemed very surprised to see us--sort of froze and then glided away into the brush. Not especially worried about it. --Darin

MCTV replies to the Grand Jury

July 13, 2009
>>I am happy to just find out that the meetings are available online.

Grand Jury blames lack of oversight for MCTV’s poor quality programming

July 12, 2009
Hey Vince, One problem with the "go around" strategy is that MCTV has a monopoly on Channel 6 and refuses to air programming if they are in conflict with its business goals. For example, when I compete with MCTV on shooting government meetings they say to the agency "If you go with us you get the web and channel 6. If you go with Darin we will refuse to put his work on Channel 6." Thus they extend their monopoly from Channel 6 into the web. Why do we need government meetings? You know the public…

Picture: Another view of Beachwood

June 30, 2009
Beachwood will be forever remembered as the Poster Child of government policies run amuck and how it almost ruined a city.<< Huh, I see Beachwood as the Poster Child of naive city leaders run amok. The current city council (at least the four in the majority) must be eligible for some sort of award for the most politically unaware group of civic leaders in the state. --Darin

Moss Beach Park bathroom one big step closer

June 23, 2009
What has been going on for years is the reasonable request for evidence of a prior hookup before a district with no additional water to give to new development makes a judicious exception. In fact, it was the recent above-mentioned televising of the sewer main that brought the first bit of any sort of prior physical connection into evidence. Nope, no paper records (the previous private companies were terrible with such things), no reliable verbal history, no nothing from the whiners and feet-kickers…

Letter: Why did MWSD appeal lawsuit?

May 14, 2009
>>as well as a lasting testimonial to the failure of government.

Letter: Why did MWSD appeal lawsuit?

May 13, 2009
>>“lemmings” That’s name-calling and it’s out of line.

Seabirds are dying in large numbers yet again

May 09, 2009
Today (May 9) on Montara Beach I saw three large dead birds. Two crows and one other bird--perhaps a seagull. First time I've seen crows dead on the beach. --Darin

Coastside Family Medical Center closes

March 15, 2009
It's odd how there seems to be (or, was) two distinct medical systems here on the coast--one invisible to the other. When I first moved here I had some minor thing (I forget what now) and my regular doctor was way over the hill. I just needed a prescription for antibiotics or something. So I went to Seton. For reasons that are unclear they couldn't just let me see a doctor, they had to make a big deal of it. Wanted to charge me a lot of money (I think I didn't have my health card yet--we were new).…

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