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Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 25, 2014
Joel, I went to the public planning meetings and suggested they should coordinate with CALTRANS to add some signage or messages INSIDE the tunnel as a precautionary warning. So far I have seen nothing. As most separate organizations go, the right hand never talks to the left, or in this case, they did & maybe the warning signs will all be digital, like the speed limit signs.

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 25, 2014
Questions: 1.) So, was the sound in the video Julia applying her bicycle brakes on the downhill portion? Are motorcycles even allowed? 2.) Who were the pedestrians that seemed to be standing around in the bike lane as she came down the hill? (SHEEZE!) 3.) Do most bicycles have speedometers now... and if not, how will the riders know if they are actually exceeding the 15 MPH posted speed limit? 4.) Will there be rangers or Sheriffs Deputies giving out speeding tickets? 5.) Why was there a vehicle…

Road improvements planned for Seal Cove/Moss Beach

March 07, 2014
It's about time! Thank you Don Horsley!

Highway 1 parallel trail funding uncertain

March 07, 2014
I see this so frequently. The Cities that have elected officials lobbying for funds seem to carry more clout than our own Supervisor, who should be advocating on our behalf. For example, Cities like Redwood City, San Carlos and San Mateo always get the lion's share of Parks funding while the unincorporated areas really don't have any active public parks with ball fields, tennis courts, etc. We do have abundant National, State and Environmental Parks destinations, such as GGNRA (Rancho Coral de Tierra),…

Coastside Fire Protection District candidate forum Thursday Feb 14th.

March 11, 2013
March 14th!

Video: “I want the Big Wave project!”

November 07, 2010
I haven't seen much mention of the recent earthquake induced Tsunami in Indonesia. Some folks are in denial. "It can't happen here" Suzy? Suzy Creamcheese?

Followup: Savannah cat in Montara

October 18, 2010
I want one too! Where does he sleep? My cats sleep on the bed...He looks like a bed-hog!

Pacifica Gardens dinner features local foods

October 01, 2010
I went to the 1st Dinner and it was fantastic! -Cid

Supervisors reject vote on district elections

July 15, 2010
I sure hope that you're kidding! They want to keep the status quo, so they don't have to give any representation to anyone other than their powerful that-side-of-the-hill influenece peddlers.

Supervisors reject vote on district elections

July 14, 2010
I personally attended several of the public workshops on the District At-Large Election issue (San Mateo County CHARTER REVIEW) and you could feel the squirming of the POWER MONGERS in the room - not wanting to give up their ability to APPOINT in the case of a Supervisoral vacancy -as in Carol Groom's case - they want to keep the status quo (by keeping the power on their side of the hill) because as long as they do, they can continue to disenfranchise the voters in the unincorporated areas, such…

Please help find our pet turtle, near the Distillery

July 03, 2010
I live near the Distillery. It's apretty big area. Where , more specifically , should we be helping you look? By the way, what is his/her name? and why is there pink wax on the shell?

County releases Phase III of Midcoast Groundwater Study

June 18, 2010
I see your point. Too bad the County is hell-bent on building on all the empty lots on the midcoast so they can raise their tax revenues to pay for all the pensions at the Couunty Government. There are very few in-fill lots left vacant over the "hill" so we are their natural target. I did read this in the report. "Developing storm recharge programs for these areas would benefit local groundwater supplies – such as recharge from rooftop runoff and from storm-water ponds, particularly from late-season…

County releases Phase III of Midcoast Groundwater Study

June 17, 2010
Leonard we've had lots of rain this year. Are you really surprised with this report...or just being cynical? Is the aquifer half empty ..or half full?

If you have an un-neutered male dog, please keep him on the leash

June 05, 2010
Good idea, but that might spook my goats that would possibly bolt and drag me with them. They are strong! I just take what I have on hand, but I don't go often. If I did I would consider equiping myself with a horn! What doe one cost, I wonder?

If you have an un-neutered male dog, please keep him on the leash

June 05, 2010
Next time, carry one, then you'll have it with you "just in case"! -Cid

If you have an un-neutered male dog, please keep him on the leash

June 04, 2010
OK, this may sound harsh, but carry a Big Stick. I walk my 2 goats on leashes on the Bluffs near Seal Cove and as a precaution of possibly having an unleashed dog attack them, I bring a big stick. Only once did I feel I might have to use it on a large dog that came bounding up, but I shouted HEY! really loudly and raised the stick above my shoulder in the air and that was all it took to intimidate the dog. Later the owners walked up - but had the dog been viscious, it would have been way too late…

San Mateo County Deprives Unincorporated Midcoast of Federal Stimulus Funding

May 11, 2010 They did not even try to get some sort of night-time illumination at the Cypress & Hwy One intersection where the young boy lost his foot recently. Unlike at dead-end Marine (whic for some reason has a full brightly lit intersection), Cypress has no CAL-Trans intersection light, only a county light pole exists and that is officially on Cypress, not truely illuminating the turn-off from Hwy one at night.

Will there be a local book signing for June’s newest book?

April 06, 2010
Too bad we can't support the new bookstore at te harbor. It's much closer to Moss Beach than Half Moon Bay is... and the book is about Moss Beach.

Will there be a local book signing for June’s newest book?

March 30, 2010
Barry- I hope that you'll keep me in the loop! And...I hope it will be "up here" and not in HMBay. (I am weary of the traffic...) -Cid

Photos: Firefighters rescue dog from Pillar Point cliffs

March 24, 2010
It sounds like luck was on Lucky's side! Awwww! -Cid

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