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November 10, 2005
I'm still waiting to hear more details about that new K-8 school at Farralone View that Jolanda "Lemonade" Schreurs was pushing at the October 13 school board meeting. I think she said that she wanted to get that done BEFORE the Cunha project was started so that Farralone could absorb about 200 middle school students while the construction at Cunha was taking place. I am not making this up (who could?)

Windshield-smashing rhetoric

October 21, 2005
What????? This has got to be all-time low for Coastside politics, and that is saying a lot. I can't wait to hear some jerk say that the rock was "planted," just like the frogs were supposedly "planted." This place sells itself to tourists as a quaint little coastal town, but underneath the surface, there are some real nasty people doing whatever it takes to try to win control. Really depressing.

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 23, 2005
Why is it that some people (mostly hardcore right-wingers) demand a strict "constructionist" interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, but then when somebody comes along and tries to enforce a strict interpretation of state or local laws (read: Callifornia Coastal Act or Local Coastal Program) the very same people start screaming bloody murder about how their "property rights" are being taken away? Are these people saying that the state or local laws are unconstitutional? If so, they should take their…

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 22, 2005
HMB Rangeor writes: "Even the most hardcore no-growth..." As I expect you know, there is no such thing as "no growth" because the current law mandates 3% residential growth in the Midcoast and 1% residential growth in HMB. Those figures do not count the unlimited amount of commerical growth in both areas. In this, as in many other cases, your arguments are built on a set of false premises.

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 22, 2005
HMB Ranger writes: "Regarding Naomi:...some think her past record is negative, others think it is positive." That's true. Some people think that approving numerous new housing development projects (one of which includes a row of monster houses that block residents' view to the ocean) is actually a negative for Naomi. Others (perplexingly some of same view-blocked residents) seem to view Naomi's record as positive. I am not surprised. It is well known that slaves often become devoted to their master.

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 22, 2005
bginna writes. "[Barry Parr] walks a very fine line between reporting and opinion." That sounds like a good deal, because the alternative is the HMB Review, where the line between reporting and opinion doesn't even exist.

Dead whale now haunts the Ritz

August 27, 2005
Chuck wrote: >This could only create pressure for CCWD to extend the El Granada pipeline project offshore... Please don't give them ideas like that. The empire builders at CCWD will go around claiming that if don't build the damn thing, then all of our houses will be in danger of burning down in a fire.

Coastsider interviews the guy who writes the Review’s editorial corrections

August 21, 2005
Some people might have missed the subtlety of Barry filing this story under the "Humor" category. That category is entirely appropriate in this case, because the Review itself is a joke when it comes to responsible reporting and editorial content.

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 14, 2005
Barb says “Write letters asking the County Board of Supervisors not to permit building on this ephemeral stream—or other such streams & creeks such as Medio Creek which is also currently under threat” I would like to know why our elected leaders on the Midcoast Community Council (MCC) appear to doing absolutely nothing while this sort of thing goes on. I can understand the County Board of Supervisors ignoring environmental destruction because they are all in the pocket of the developer/real…

Who edits the editors?

June 28, 2005
The edits above likely represent the second time this piece by the HMB Review editor has been edited. The first time, of course, was when the HMB Review publisher word-engineered all the various phrases circled above so as to put a bad light on the City Council. As many of us know, this kind of thing happens every week, and not just in the editorials, but also in the Review's so-called "news" articles.

Why you should care about substandard lots

June 29, 2005
The Board of Supervisor's want to pack as much housing as possible into the Midcoast. Their plan goes something like this: 1. Loosen up the restrictions for building on substandard lots. 2. Designate substandard lots as "affordable housing," even though these things will likely sell for at least 500k. 3. Exempt all "affordable housing" from the growth rate limitations being proposed in the LCP update. This is just one part in a grand scheme to help their friends (developers/builders/realtors) exploit…

Half Moon Bay golf course will remove controversial seawall

June 11, 2005
Take a close look at the aerial picture. It would appear that OCP figured out that if they didn't agree to take out the riprap now, then the part of the hotel that lies to the immediate south of the 18th green would be threatened much sooner than otherwise---since there is no way that anybody would let them put in more riprap there. Better to sacrifice the locaion of 18th green now, rather than be forced to move the hotel itself in, say, 10 or 15 years. In any case, nature will eventually claim its…

Caltrans will fine contractor for today’s delays on Highway 1

June 09, 2005
The delay referred to above occured on Wednesday 6/8. Yhe contractor of course blames it on equipment failure from the rain. Well then, how come the contractor was still working at around 8am on Tuesday 6/7 on Hwy 1, south of 92 when it was perfectly sunny? The contractor also caused a major traffic backup during Tuesday's morning rush hour. They should be fined for that as well.

Supervisors tweak principles, and send LCP changes back to subcommittee

June 10, 2005
twinsdad wrote: "Why does this seem less like a Local Coastal Protection plan and more like a Development Enabler scheme?" Uh...because it is. This whole charade is about the Board of Supervisors trying to reward their big money contributors (developers, builders, realtors) by loosening up the rules so their friends can build and sell more houses.

Should the Coastside be more like Foster City?

June 06, 2005
Spencer Nassar wrote: "My observation is that people who have lived on the Coast for more than a couple years, and is not in the construction business, are anti-growth..." Unfortunately, there are way too many residents who are simply clueless about how special the Coastside is. These are people who go around complaining because they have to drive over the hill to shop at WalMart or Costco. In addition, there are lots of others who make their living in construction and real estate. So it's actually…

Supervisors give Harbor Village a two-year extension

May 25, 2005
This story gives me a sense of Deja Vu. See bottom portion of:

Endangered flower was probably planted on development site in Sebastopol

May 22, 2005
I'm sure that all the builder/realtor types on the Coastside will latch onto this one rare and isolated incident and then come to the conclusion that ANY finding of an endangered or threatened species is a plant. They wish. California Redlegged Frogs and San Francisco Garter Snakes are all aound us here on the Coastside. Why? Because this is one of the few places in the Bay Area that has (so far) not been wrecked by over development, despite the best effort of said types.

Cypress Cove board attacks park funding

May 17, 2005
The Homeowners' Association Survey is joke. It's obviously written by someone who is very biased against the park. It would be a violation of the HOA Board's fiduciary duty if the Association's money was being used to fund a boardmember's personal agenda.

Christo comes to the Coastside?

May 05, 2005
The last time that Christo came to California, was Fall, 1991 I beleve, when the infamous yellow umbrellas dotted the mountain sides of the "Grapevine" along I-5 in Southern California. Tragically, a woman died when a strong gust of wind lifted a thousand-pound concrete based umbrella and it fell on her, even though the umbrellas were supposedly designed to withstand gale-force winds. The exhibit was shut down right after that. It was originally hailed as a stroke of genius, but events showed once…

Coastside farmlands are wetter than a lot of people would prefer

April 18, 2005
Last year around this time, Wavecrest was also very wet. Why? Because the whole area was originally a natural wetland. The natural wetland was torn up decades ago to allow farming. But with farming no longer taking place, the area is returning to its natural state. Despite the changes made by plowing and disking operations, the area serves today as an important habitat for endangered and threatened species. Mother nature is very resiliant. Below are links to some pictures taken one year ago, together…

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