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The Half Moon Bay Review falsely claims they “broke” the Wavecrest frog story

October 15, 2004
What is the Midcoast list? How can one subscribe?

Moss Beach miracle

October 06, 2004
The Before picture here shows the first day of construction. For an earlier "Before" picture that gives an idea of what the park used to be like, check out this link:

CUSD candidates’ forum: Charles Gardner

October 20, 2004
Mr. Lundell's argument seems clear to me. Build an elementary school at Wavecrest, shift from K-5 to K-6, and make Cunha a grade 7-8 JHS. Your retorts seem rather dismissive and rhetorical rather than substantive. Lundell's plan clearly implies a reduction in elementary attendance. You argue that his plan requires expanding the muti-purpose rooms. Lundell calls you on this argument because it doesn't make sense, and the best explanation you have is "because they are full"? Is that the best you can…

CUSD candidates’ forum: Charles Gardner

October 11, 2004
Mr. Gardner: I am a resident with two very young children who will no doubt be affected heavily by these decisions. I am getting a lot out of this on-line debate. I can't attent the CUTA form, and I am hoping you can continue to explain your position here. I think Mr. Lundell's position makes a lot of sense. If you think he is basing his argument on false suppositions, then please let me know what they are. Thank you.

CUSD candidates’ forum: Jonathan Lundell

October 06, 2004
You make some interesting arguments about enrollment trends and numbers: "seven years of declining enrollment". This is news to me, and I like your ideas Why are the schools suffering from declining enrollment? Does it correlate with the population on the coast? Or is it because people are putting their children in private schools? You also mention "if and when enrollment picks up again". Given the fact that you are advocating significant changes to current plans, how do you see enrollment projections…

Report to readers: Reviewing the Review

September 30, 2004
So what's going on? Is it ineptitude, or does the Review have a hidden agenda?

Help build Moss Beach Park beginning Wednesday

September 28, 2004
The park effort is in need of tools: hammers, saws, drills, wrenches, wheelbarrows, etc. The complete list can be viewed at If you are willing to loan your tools for the build, please bring them to the park. Someone will check them in, tag each item, and you will get a receipt. Alternatively, you can call Theresa MacNaughton, Tools Coordinator, at 563-9739. Tools will be looked after, but if any are lost or damaged, the park has a budget to replace them. See…

Los Pueblecitos has stolen my name

September 16, 2004
They stole more than your name and post. They faked a post from me, too. They created a "user" named "Urband Coastider" and reposted one of my comments from the coastsider site as well. Then they signed it "Posted by: coastside on Sep 01, 04 | 9:15 am." This is the same post time as the listing on the coastsider site and they didn't even bother to make the handle match their fake user name. So even the signature line of the posting is faked! This seems a stupid attempt to fake discourse on the site.…

Free Drawing: Win this limited edition photographic print of Point Montara Lighthouse

September 12, 2004
See you at the Cookoff!

Final (no, really) barrier to Devil’s Slide tunnel removed

September 11, 2004

Los Pueblecitos supporters are circulating petitions

September 01, 2004
<< There ARE worse things than having rural residents actually able to <gasp!> control their OWN governance >> Yeah, I agree. Like a land grab in the name of liberation from county tyranny. You have to capitalize "OWN" to make the point that you are arguing about self-control, because otherwise it isn't obvious. This is not about local control, but about segregating rurual areas from nearby dense populations in order to wrest control from the majority. This is a battle over who…

Los Pueblecitos supporters are circulating petitions

August 31, 2004
It seems that residents of Moss Beach, El Granada and Montara would not even get to vote on this initiative, since it only needs approval by the voters of the proposed incorporation area, and these communities were carefully carved out. Does anyone know how the calculation of "substantial 'surplus' of revenues over expenses in the Rural Lands area" would be affected if those communities were included? Are these more densely populated areas generating a deficit of revenues over expenses? Also I wonder…

What will Harbor Village look like?

August 30, 2004
Does anyone know what kind of retail stores are planned for Harbor Village? Just a few small boutiques, or a major store in the plans? Will there be a grocery?

Adding Opinions to Coastsider?

August 30, 2004
Who determines what is opinion and what is fact? Is it simply a matter of how the blogger labels the submission? Is Moore's "F911" a documentary or is it propaganda? Are there well-defined criteria for when something posted on coastsiders is editorial and when it is news analysis? Who is the arbiter? Just wondering...

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