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Coastal Commission appoints Charles Lester as new director

September 11, 2011
Interesting note about Lester's role in building a comprise with Arcata over its LCP this year: The dispute arose last month when -- after about 13 years of holding public meetings and forming working groups -- Arcata submitted its updated Local Coastal Program to the commission for approval. Commission staff returned the document to the city with hundreds of changes on issues including coastal and recreational access and wetlands and building siting. The changes Arcata agreed to address were sea…

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

September 06, 2011
I agree with Leonard that an incorporated Midcoast is likely to elect a slow-growth city council. one of my concerns is that it would not have the resources to defend itself from lawsuits over land use policy. The supes have used the threat of lawsuits to rationalize their decisions on Big Wave and the revised LCP. They could fight those battles if they chose. However, an incorporated Midcoast might not be strong enough to defend itself. It's another reason HMB's capitulation on Beachwood was such…

Sheriff’s report, August 29

September 01, 2011
My guess is that no one in Jersey will envy our perpetual summer gloom. Which makes me happy.

Sheriff’s report, August 29

August 31, 2011
We had an anonymous comment posted on this. I'm not releasing it from moderation because of our real names policy, but I will repost it under my name: Sheriff's Office investigated and believes that the lower flying helo with camera ball on the front was flying at an illegal altitude just under the cloud cover at 100-300 feet in moss beach. A tail number was not obtained and therefore a report could not be made to the FAA regarding the illegal behavior, however, it appears that it may have been a…

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

August 31, 2011
Most days I think it would be better than county mis-government, but I suspect a merger would be as difficult to sell in HMB as it would be on the Midcoast. But I also agree with Carl that there are plenty of ways incorporation could go very wrong.

I am recommending the online Khan Academy to math students

August 03, 2011
I know that Khan Academy's is the hot new thing right now, so it's good to hear a second opinion. BTW, Sage (which looks pretty cool) is located at is something else.

Team Backpack kicks into final stretch with July 31 deadline approaching

July 19, 2011
I've always loved this program. It's a real opportunity to have a big impact on a kid's first week of school. I'm sure my love of it is connected to my own memories of shopping for school supplies at the end of summer.

Sheriff’s report: July 13

July 18, 2011
In my experience of reading these reports over the years, this is a very unusual week for Moonridge.

Mapping party in HMB, Saturday

June 13, 2011
Access to SFPUC lands is definitely a long-term issue. We don't have a lot of influence with SFPUC, obviously. I talked with Leland Yee, who's running for SF mayor, and this issue is on his radar. He brought it up proactively in the course of a conversation. But this is not an issue with a lot of traction in SF politics.

Ask Comcast for reasonable Basic Cable service

May 25, 2011
There's not a lot left to negotiate at this point. The cable co's have gotten most of the review and decision making moved to the state and federal levels.

A whole bunch of kids in Oklahoma, opens Friday

May 08, 2011
Here's the press release for more information on this production of Oklahoma: Farmer and Cowman Share Center-Stage at Coastside Children’s Theater Conservancy Production of Oklahoma The Coastal Repertory Theatre’s Coastal Theatre Conservatory revels in a heartfelt rendition of a musical theater classic, “Oklahoma.” Productions begin May 6, 2011. More than 100 talented Coastside children take the stage in this beloved production. Performers may range from 5-14 years, but they demonstrate consistent…

Take a minute to answer HMB’s downtown survey

April 24, 2011
I agree that Strawflower Village, the New Leaf shopping center (whatever it's called), North Main Street, and Shoreline Station are not downtown, but not everyone may see it that way.

Comedy Night… This Saturday Night

April 04, 2011
Thanks for the note. I fixed the double entry.

Montara hosts big-name Tea Party fundraiser

March 25, 2011
There were 30 or 40 cars at the event. I saw at least one John Birch Society bumper sticker -- the first one I've ever seen in the wild. And I used to live in Orange County. Seriously, any event built on these three knuckleheads must have drawn a pretty extreme crowd.

Coastside Mothers’ Club Preschool Open House, Saturday, Apr 2

March 25, 2011
Tom, thanks for your note. We corrected the name, but it's good to know that visitors are always welcome.

Coastside Mothers’ Club Preschool Open House, Saturday, Apr 2

March 23, 2011
Looks like there were some entries duplicated from HMB in Moss Beach. I've delete the duplicates pending a correction from the original poster. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

CEF endowment seeking Coastsiders to help allocate its funds

March 22, 2011
I'm glad to see the CEF bring in some outsiders to help decide how their substantial endowment is allocated. This is a great opportunity for Coastsiders who want to have an impact on our schools.

Montara residents should review the GGNRA proposed access portal

March 19, 2011
Excellent point about the parallel trail. The other thing to consider is that La Costanera has increased demand for evening parking in the area. I know that there has been a request for more parking along Hwy 1, although I don't know where that stands. It would be a good idea for all these pieces to be integrated into the plan.

Tornado warning issued for Santa Clara County

March 18, 2011
This is an old story Google is sending a lot of readers to this *old* story. Today's (March 18, 2011) tornado warning can be found here:

About a third of Farm Bureau members don’t exist

March 18, 2011
Those are both good questions. You'd think that the someone would want to meet those 300 San Mateo County farmers, or wonder who they were. Also, I wouldn't think that managing the identities, mail, and applications for 300 fake members is worth $3,500 -- let alone taking the risk of embezzling. Maybe I'm just to lazy to be a beloved civic grifter.

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