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Moss Beach Park bathroom one big step closer

June 23, 2009
Minor correction -- "everyone involved" did not know that they found a pipe five years ago. In January 2005 I met at length with CPR folks about a bathroom. I do not recall any mention of evidence of an existing lateral in our discussions about finding evidence of prior connections. Another point of clarification, the sewer main that our manager had televised is the one in Virginia Ave. That's where the camera saw the lateral connecting in from the park property. We did not televise the lateral itself.…

Moss Beach Park bathroom one big step closer

June 20, 2009
I'm certainly glad to have been able to participate with the team that has been looking to find a workable solution --  Bill Hill and Neil Merrilees on behalf of the CPR board, Dave Holland from County Parks and Rec, Len Erickson for Midcoast Parks and Rec committee, Paul Perkovic, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Clemens Heldmaier and our crew, SAM crew, and more all worked together to solve this.

Midcoast traffic and trails workshops, June 25 to 30

June 04, 2009
In answer to the question, first and foremost, connect up with the local, dedicated community members who have been working with Coastwalk for so many years. It would also be nice to recognize that Midcoast describes an area larger than the communities listed. Those of us who live on the Midcoast see the communities that make it up as more of a whole than not, whether we live in Montara, Moss Beach, Princeton, El Granada, Miramar, or points south. We look forward to the day…

Governor recommends closing parks to save money

May 30, 2009
Perhaps a little better editing might have made it more clear that they were only talking about state parks, but the article makes it sound like only five parks will be open if the Governor comes through on his threat. But without even trying, two good county parks nearby that shouldn't be affected come to mind -- [Memorial Park][1] and [Huddart Park][2]. The county has almost [20 parks][3]. There are also the GGNRA areas which are federal, not state. Is the Governor trying to get the state out of…

Letter: Why was Pillar Ridge moved from Moss Beach to El Granada in 2008 census?

May 20, 2009
Many things are named after where they are not (or maybe where they wished they really were). Princeton's a prime example. So it's fitting that Moss Beach right next door had one community named after El Granada, and still has a whole airport named after Half Moon Bay. I'm glad pilots don't actually expect it to *be* in Half Moon Bay when they come in for landings. My favorite has to be Ocean View Park (a nice community park actually in Half Moon Bay), from which there is no ocean view to be had.…

Deconstructing Dr. Larimer’s wing-nut dog-whistle

May 11, 2009
> They opposed expanding the sewer plant > to stop polluting the ocean. Who would that be? Yes, some were concerned about the sizing. That's about fiscal restraint and unintended consequences. Some sued to disallow one of the funding methods, and prevailed. Nevertheless, all three agencies supported and implemented the plant expansion. Montara was even the first to issue new sewer permits. > Our sewer > infrastructure remains inadequate, but > the battle over even how to fix this > problem continues.…

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 26, 2009
Darin, There's no need to create a new definition of conflict of interest. The AG and the FPPC have done a nice job of putting materials together that provide good training in a matter of 2-4 hours (not a multi-day effort unless you just want to spread it out; I did). All public officials are required to complete this or similar training. The materials are free, easy to use, and written in plain language. As to talking past each other, I'm working within the well-thought-through principles outlined…

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 25, 2009
Retrying the link to [Boards and Commissions][1] Responding to the shifting-sands next-argument-in-line, a quorum of one board at the MCC is not, in and of itself, an issue with respect to the law and ethics (as taught by the Attorney General and the Fair Political Practices Commission). If an issue concerning the board is to be dealt with at the meeting, they could follow the practice used by other boards -- notice the MCC meeting as a public meeting of the respective board. The accusation made…

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 24, 2009
Note that I posed questions, to which I don't see any answers. I hope, too, that the excellent ethics/conflict of interest training tools are of some use in this discussion. I wonder, adding another question to the list, how folks view "conflict of interest" after reviewing the training tools and this list of boards and committees:,,1864_4318239_725296351,00.html

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 23, 2009
Again, with respect, I urge those who would use the phrase "conflict of interest" to avail themselves of the AB 1234 training materials. Yes, it covers "the smell test". It also covers what elements are necessary to present a potential conflict. Advising an elected body on matters of importance to a community does not come close. Saying otherwise does not make it so, even when stated repeatedly. To the issue of multiple boards, Supervisor Gordon noted that that particular board requires that matters…

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 23, 2009
With all due respect, the purpose of an advisory board is to advise. Our community has spoken time and again, and made clear that many individuals who serve on public boards are who they choose to represent them to advise the Board of Supervisors on matters relating to the Coastside. To suggest that there is a conflict of interest in such a role is to impute powers to the MCC that simply don't exist. It also suggests a core misunderstanding of what the phrase means. The Fair Political Practices Commission…

Florida trees are cut down to preserve views…of billboards

September 16, 2008
What do you suppose happened to the designations here in the legislation? 263.2. The state scenic highway system shall also include: Route 1 from: (a) Route 5 south of San Juan Capistrano to Route 19 near Long Beach. (b) Route 187 near Santa Monica to Route 101 near El Rio. (c) Route 101 at Las Cruces to Route 246 near Lompoc. (d) Route 227 south of Oceano to Route 101 near Pismo Beach. (e) Route 101 near San Luis Obispo to Route 35 near Daly City. (f) Route 35 in San Francisco to Route 101 near…

Editorial: Senator Yee’s SB863 gets it right

August 28, 2008
Senator Yee's work shows what patience and persistence can lead to. He has taken a bad situation, complicated by Half Moon Bay's decision to not appeal a novel judicial ruling. He worked with others from around the state to demonstrate that the cynical view of interests-in-opposition is not the only way to approach these things. This is a great example of problem solving, and it's great to see the city council's support for his efforts.

Coastal Commission faces budget cuts

August 02, 2008
Submitted too quickly. My last paragraph had to do with state leadership, no locals commenting on the situation. It's one thing for folks to have an opinion on how to go at it, but the ones with the actual responsibility need to show understanding, discernment, and leadership beyond "cut, cut, cut."

Coastal Commission faces budget cuts

August 02, 2008
The Coastal Commission staff has been reduced repeatedly in recent years. It's one thing to "trim fat", but anyone who has ever actually trimmed fat knows that there's only so much you can trim before you start cutting away the meat. At its largest, the commission's staff has been one of the smallest agencies in the state. With over 1100 miles of coastline to deal with, the work load has always been heavy. Blindly demanding a percentage cut isn't management or oversight. It's altogether too blunt,…

Letter: Fast track recycled water project proposed to SAM

August 02, 2008
Recycled water is a good thing that SAM can do, and without impact to current rate payers. The expense is not an either/or proposition as suggested above. SAM is going after several grants, and the proposed beneficiaries understand that this won't be free. What's new with the fast track initiative is an effort to scale back and do a pilot, keeping costs and complicating factors way down so we can get it going quickly (well, as quickly as capital infrastructure projects can go; good things take time).…

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

July 01, 2008
Montara Water and Sanitary District, the Montara/Moss Beach Water Improvement Association, and Hostelling International - Pt. Montara Lighthouse Hostel hosted a July 4 party/picnic in 2004 to celebrate a year of locally-owned water service to the Montara/Moss Beach community. We're inviting the community to come celebrate the district's 50th anniversary and 5th year of water service. Mark your calendars. August 24th. We'll have a web page up soon where you can RSVP so we plan to have plenty of refreshments.

Pants on fire

June 16, 2008
Steven, I didn't think I was asking for much when I asked for a representative misrepresentation by CCC staff. You had made the assertion that they weren't speaking truthfully, and I figured you'd have several that would spring to mind. Your point seemed relatively easy to make, and I was hoping that you would do so. After countless unresponsive responses on your part, we wind up not knowing whether there's a real basis for your assertion other than relying on Lanny Davis-written spin. I also don't…

Another bill to exempt developer from the law submitted to Assembly

June 13, 2008
Steven, How about the fact that the City and their team of high priced lawyers took the time to dissect the CCC statements and compare them to previous ones. Therefore the mis-statements. Do you remember where this got started? Steven Hyman wrote on Jun 11 at 10:26am: The CCC was not forthright in front of the State Assembly... And then I had asked: Could you elaborate with verifiable facts? It sounds like someone else may have done the hard work for you. Now, could you elaborate with verifiable…

Another bill to exempt developer from the law submitted to Assembly

June 11, 2008
Rather than offer a reading assignment written by someone known for spin, how about a single example that's clear and "not forthright" and something you're willing to call out?

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