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Coastside election results

November 10, 2007
I don't know, but to me ...keep it simple. The more 'they' try, the more simplistically confusing it becomes. Not to recount Florida '00... but it seems the voting machines, and many other forms of technology that is coming out these days, that the greater good tries to prevent some citizens from being the "disenfranchised" albeit across the myriad of socio-economic criteria, moreover, the absence of intelligence capital are overly simplified, attempting to serve and protect the lowest common denominator.…

SF Bay Oil Spill - Info From Surfrider

November 10, 2007
"Also I saw this in the news. It picks on the coast guard, which I am not ready to do yet " Anneliese's reference is paramount to the armchair-quarterbacking on every government agency's response time, press release, official's comments, approach, reaction, proposal, solution, and/or allocation of funds... it reminds me how ridiculous it can get. In the end, it creates civic organizations which require so much delicate tip-toe'ing, careful verbiage, and organizational bloat and process to ensure…

Coastside election results

November 10, 2007
Interestingly, not much comment on how cumbersome those voting machines were, in lieu of trying to make everything "idiot proof" it seemed be an O/S written for monkeys. Not be critical, but wow... it was operating system from another time. A flywheel?

Caltrans may end “free” right turns onto Hwy 92 for HMB commuters

May 18, 2006
>>Talk to anyone north of HMB and the issue is getting to 92, which usually takes in excess of an hour. Getting on to Route 1 in El Granada sometimes takes 45 minutes alone. And it's always some jamoke with his/her still unwarmed car who leaks on 1... and crawls at 25 MPH... or during stop&go traffic doing their makeup, or getting dressed, or what have you. Everyone should take it upon themselves to put ontheir "A" game of driving... the leisure time you take in thusly creatin a casual gap…

Un Dia Sin Immigrantes (A Day Without Immigrants)

May 06, 2006
There is some great rhetoric here, but much of what is highlighted is indicative of this "not being on the same page" I see across all mediums regarding the issue... or at least I THOUGHT I knew what the original issue is/was. I noticed the 'reactionary' posts are about ILLEGAL immigration, yet the counter posts are all about immigration in general. Huh? Let's re-focus that the issue is about illegal immigration. All these data points, some legit, and some from agencies with clear agendas and paybacks,…

Caltrans expects Devil’s Slide design and timeline in about two weeks

May 11, 2006
I'm not sure CalTrans has to move any quicker. There is a huge difference between Northridge and our lil' Coastside. For one, Northridge was a major event or the state/nation. Ours is a local/micro concern. Second, the number of citizens effected by freeway closures/limitations in Northridge were in the hundreds of thousands, if not over a million.... we're less than 25,000. Ergo, the civilian population was effected, and moreover the economic impact to Northridge (or any SoCal freeway for that matter)…

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