Comments by Sam Carrieri

Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider

December 01, 2007
Hard for my old 68 year eyes to read the small letters. Need to be larger & darker.

Photo: Low-flying jetliner cruises the Coastside

November 20, 2007
Cant really tell to good from the picture. But this may be Boeings 747SP a shorter version of its longer brother. The fusulage area aft of wings being shorter. The SP stood for "Special Performance". Dont believe too many were built or were money makers for the airlines.

Pacifica beaches may reopen this morning

November 17, 2007
Lisa,these days it's dangerous to walk barefoot on any beach. Who knows what you will step on from broken glass to hypodermic needles. Stay safe. Dont let my daughters or grandkids walk barefoot. Paronia is normal if you think everybody is out to harm you.THEY ARE! Stay Safe

Photo: HMB’s auto-slalom course

October 12, 2007
Mike thanks i thought i was the only one that could see the coming congestion @ Hilltop when the road improvements were first proposed. I can just see everone jocking for position when the 4 lanes become 2 @ Hilltop.Hopefully our coastsiders will be courtous to one another & no blowing horns or middle fingers will make the commute worse then it is. The improvements are better then nothing i believe it will improve the west bound traffic but not the east bound. Just moves the congestion to Hilltop.…

Tunnel excavation begins Sept 17 with a public event

September 13, 2007
Thanks Carl always with the negative waves.& the Swiss tunnel didn't it have a fire? Love living on the Coast can always depend on some one to gloom & doom anything thats done on the coast.

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 25, 2007
The first time a sacred froggie or snakie gets bashed by a ground ball or a flyball there go the ball fields. I suggest a walk thru [like we usd to do on our taxiways for FOD] before each ball game to shoo the frogs & snakes out of harms way.

Letter: Filbert St. crosswalk in the crosshairs

July 30, 2007
Besides pedestrian overcrossings [expensive]lighted crosswalks are also available where the crosser pushes a button on a post & embedded [led]lights in the crosswalk would light up or flash to warn traffic that someone is crossing. How much are our lives worth? Wife & I spent many a hairy moment crossing 1 @ Kehoe before lights were put in now we walk south to light to cross.

Prepare for a detour on Devil’s Slide

June 01, 2007
Say Carl can Caltrans do anything right in your eyes? You didnt bash [yet?] CalTrans 580 repair. To quote Donald Sutherland in Movie Kellys Heros "always with the negative waves" I agree the tunnel is costly but what would you recommend? I voted for the bypass as less costly & safer then a car in front of me on fire tunnel. Even the marine disposal would have been safer then this boondoggle of a tunnel foisted on us by the PC enviros. Glad im retired & dont plan on using the tunnel. Grab a shovel…

Letter: Support CUSD immersion program at May 10 board meeting

May 09, 2007
I disagree with Ken's statement that "spanish would not be my choice of a target language". Many job ads say Spanish speaking a plus. Coming from a family where we spoke Italian @ homei appreciate a 2nd language. Wish i spoke Spanish, lost most of my Italian as didnt speak it for years. In this country these days speaking Spanish or Chinese is a plus for any job applicant. Would like my grandkids to learn Spanish or Chinese for their future prospects.

Video: HMB City Council considers not improving Hwy 1 at Terrace

April 13, 2007
No one seems to address what harm NOT putting in a traffic light does to other coastside residents that the light would benefit. For instance extending the frontage road north would be a great benefit to the Casa Del Mar residents who can't make a left turn North without taking their life in their hands or even turning into the narrow unmarked entrance, it would have given us another in & out of our neighborhood. Terrace & 1 is a disaster as is maybe it would improve traffic flow if the lights on…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 17, 2007
Ms Tammy Lee you sure are right about HMB,s Safeway. One day wife & i went there & all their shelves were lacking products lots of empty spaces. Was going to buy blue berries & all the packages were moldy. Hint people turn those plastic bins over & check them out before buying look for mold. The Pacific safeway is lots better & wife & i started using it for major food shopping. Been in HMB for over 37+ years & it,s gone downhill a lot lately.

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 17, 2007
Mr Lynch remember the Past Time Club, Gilcrest Pharmacy, Half Moon Bay Auto parts also south end of Main there was another joint Pete,s? where i used to run into locals back in 69. When my brother & I went to a movie & lunch in San Mateo was impressed what they did on 2nd Ave the movie theater & shops resturants. Wish we had somnething similar [flog me, flog me] in downtown HMB. Then my brother & i wouldnt have to drive our old fart bodies over the hill. I know, i know "if ya dont like it move" after…

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 15, 2007
I think that one of the thing,s downtown HMB needs is [oh horror of all horror's] is a movie theater. Maybe that will bring locals to our rollup the streets @ 6pm downtown alive with people in the evenings spending their hard earned bucks in HMB instead of over the hill. My wife had a shower for my daughter & to escape all those crazed women @ the shower my brother & i went to San Mateo to lunch & a movie till it was safe to come back. We could have easily done the same on the coastside.

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

January 25, 2007
Power outage on Tuesday January 23 around 7:30 pm. Does anyone know why the power went out in Casa del Mar On Tuesday 23 Jan? It didn't come back on till around 1:30am Wednesday, was out about 6 hours. Ruined my Prison Break & 24 Tv shows.Didn't see a thing about it in HMB paper. Am sure if power was out in the illustrous golf course neighborhoods it would have made the Review.

More than $4 million raised so far for Coastside Adult Community Center

December 20, 2006
Mr. Bogner thanks for your comments. Am looking forward to our "free" traffic light & extension of the frontage road it will also increase the "seasonal wetlands" for our sacred froggie. Can barely find the entrance to Casa Del Mar these days its so dark been driving into it for 37 years & now older i could barely see it when i was younger.Repainting it sure would help.STREETS DEPT HELP! No one wants new homes in their neighborhood. I feel for the Terrace people. Homes were built to West & East of…

VIDEO: HMB City Council considers Terrace Ave plan, no-light alternative

November 30, 2006
Hey' Im for the horrendous no homes in my neighborhood too. Unfortunatly it's to late. In 1969 there were no homes east & west of me. I had an ocean view if i stood in middle of my street & looked west. Than homes were built @ west end of street so that took care of that one of the neighbors got up a petition to stop the west end homes to no avail it would wreck his view he wound up moving [yah dont like it MOVE] then homes @ east end of street were built. Traffic increased, one of the streets asked…

VIDEO: HMB City Council considers Terrace Ave plan, no-light alternative

November 28, 2006
Excuse me if im wrong but traffic is already snarled @ Terrace & Hwy 1 @ commute times how a light & increasing the lanes in that area is going to make it any worse is hard for me to understand. Do the people on Terrace only care that their street is going to be used as access to Hwy 1? [The olde NIMBY factor.] Not that the light is going to cause traffic backups the backups are there now. If the developer is paying for this & no money out of our holey taxpayer pockets i say have at it. As for the…

Caltrans to open Devils Slide bids Tuesday

November 20, 2006
Carl, Carl Im not talking about "paving the place". None of us want to see that. In 6/69 when i moved here you wouldnt believe how peaceful it was no golf courses, no dump on 92 etc. [where were the frogs & snakes when the dump was built] of course the people before me resented me moving to HMB. But i dont resent any that came after me we met a lot of great neighbors & friends after they moved here. I dont want any paving over just safety improvements for the safety of all of us.

Caltrans to open Devils Slide bids Tuesday

November 18, 2006
Mr Hyman many of us agree with you the longer we wait the more infrastructure costs the hapless tax payer. But we get put down by the do nothings till its to late & costly. As for only having one tunnel bore no thanks bad enough i have visions of being trapped in the tunnel with a vehicle on fire in front of me [ my luck the clunker in back of me would be on fire too] i dont want to be worried about cars coming towards me in a single bore coming over the center line like 92. And Mr.Carl[Move]May…

Highway 92 project takes its first steps tonight

October 27, 2006
Thanks Mike i knew you had the answer. Maybe if we stopped interfering in other countries [ our intentions are honorable but we cant seem to get our interference right] we could use the monies we spend on our own citizens & country.

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