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Rock With Local Bands on Sunday

July 17, 2007
I just thought I'd mention a cool coastside item that I am donating to the silent auction. It has an interesting history. This is a baluster from the porch railing of an old house in San Gregorio. It came into our family over 50 years ago when someone salvaged part of a porch railing from this house that had been discarded in the brush along the creek. The property is now owned by POST but has been best known in recent history as The Worm Farm. Click image for closeup. This appears to be turned from…

Video:  HMB government takes on the Coastal Commission and gets nowhere

July 16, 2007
Ah, perhaps Mr. Lansing can give me a clue as to the identity of [email protected] from whom I received a rather shrill email about this very project. What made it appear shrill was the lack of paragraphing and that may not have been the fault of the sender but a feature of using to communicate with others. At any rate, it made it difficult to read, so I quit part of the way through, although I did scan to the end to see if the sender had signed a real name. (They didn't) This was what…

Please vote in Coastsider’s presidential poll

June 28, 2007
Could you post periodic updates of your poll someplace here on Coastsider so those of us who can't access the poll can see the results? All I get is a message that I need to update to the current version of Flash and a link to the download. Not sure yet if I want to do that yet.

Darin’s Monday Photo: Seagulls On the Beach

June 28, 2007
I love your weekly pictures, Darin. Thanks for making them available. Now, if you could just get the gulls to spell out "Coastsider" it would make an awesomely unique header graphic!

The Review’s publisher is confused about park financing, democracy

June 25, 2007
Vince Williams (Thanks for spelling my name correctly! I 'preciate that!) I am so sorry if you thought I was attacking your manhood. It certainly wasn't personal, as I do not even know what you look like--and I would have said the same to anyone, including a woman. I guess I am from the old school (San Mateo County schools all the way, too!) and look at the masculine pronoun as being used generically as it used to be before the feminists made a big thing about it. Old fashioned as I am, I still assume…

The Review’s publisher is confused about park financing, democracy

June 22, 2007
I really have to ask for clarification of Mr. Williams' statement that [quote]"maybe we’re supposed to trust the women in the family to know what the City can afford and to have better real estate acumen."[/quote] Rather than comment on what I think he's saying (since it would really be off topic here on the font page of Coastsider and perhaps I've misunderstood his statement), I will suggest that he take this over to townhall and start a discussion there to clarify his meaing. I must not be the…

Why I don’t do polls on Coastsider

June 16, 2007
Barry Parr deserves a "well done" for refusing to point people to the local poll as he cites in the example above. It can certainly skew the results. Barry writes: [quote]"Watching the vote for “sell the site” drop from about 45% to 33% on Saturday, and then rally back to the mid-40s, it’s clear that we’re not seeing a random sampling of anything. Everybody’s cheating on the poll. Considering the stakes, they’d be crazy not to."[/quote] I found the following interesting Action Alert on…

Why I don’t do polls on Coastsider

June 14, 2007
[quote]"you must be logged in with a vetted id "[/quote] Yeah, but how "vetted" is vetted? This is, of course, a rhetorical question. I don't expect Barry to tell us how he figures out if a person really exists before allowing posts on Coastsider. To me, polls are just a fun thing. The response depends on who sees it and wants to take part. (And how many rascals have more than one id!) In my opiniion, as far as posting--a "vetted id" (and more importantly a real name) give the message more meaning.…

Letter: “The Bluff”

May 28, 2007
Richard Whitmarsh brings up a good point: [quote]"I agree with you that POST might be engaged in actually making a place better, but I don’t fully understand their justification for all of the proposed changes."[/quote] Because the stated mission of an organization sounds like a Good Thing, does that mean that everything they do will automatically be Good or introduced for Good Reasons? On another local forum, a liberal coastside resident stated this about a well known organization (not POST but…

Video: HMB City Council ends anonymous appeals, considers firearms discharge

May 23, 2007
I certainly hope that no one feels that the residents of HMB are too stupid/uninformed/uncaring/ (fill in the blank) to file a serious appeal. If a non-resident should see reason to file an appeal, would it be so difficult to find someone who lives in HMB and feels the same way to file the appeal? Or are only non-resididents smart/unbiased/fair (fill in the blank) enough to decide? --> BIG smile

Anonymous tipster vexes HMB City Hall

May 18, 2007
I hear-by nominate Serinus canaria absconditus as the official city bird of Half Moon Bay. But since I am not a resident of this fine city I shall send a letter to the city council with my suggestion, using an appropriate nom de plume and a Half Moon Bay return address. I would appreciate any suggestions for an identity to use. (I don't think Big Bird would be believable, but then one never knows...) Also, would someone be so kind as to let me use their address?

Photos: California red-legged frog in Montara

May 06, 2007
Nice pictures! Perhaps someone should start a coastside photo album of local RLFs. It's important that people be able to identify them when they come across a frog. Here's another picture and a chorus (mp3 format) of three frogs with what might be a mating call.

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

May 03, 2007
Mike Perkins on 05/02 wrote: [quote][color=blue]And this in probably the most liberal publication in the country. [Alexander Cockburn in the Nation] [/color][/quote] So who actually read the complete article? Hint: I didn't, because, after a teaser the above link says: [quote][color=red]CLICK HERE to get access to this article and see ALL of The Nation every week. The only way to read this article and the full contents of each week's issue of The Nation online is by subscribing…

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 12, 2007
In response to Mike McCall: Does this link suit you better, since it does not mention the offensive (to you) radio station? Wouldn't it be worth viewing just to see the flaws in it? Ken King brings up a subject that I was going to broach (thanks Ken!) when he mentions the spiritual aspect. Of course, he posits that it's the deniers of global warming who are practicing a brand of religion. I have good reason to see it another way. I am currently on a fact-finding mission to a country that is extremely…

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 11, 2007
--> This

Photo: Teed up

March 19, 2007
Thanks for posting this picture! I didn't notice it was filed under "humor" and nearly missed this great shot!

Video Column: Right Here In The Middle

February 07, 2007
Kevin J. Lansing suggests (02/06  at  03:47 PM): [quote] I have to disagree with the way you have framed the debate: growth versus no growth. Nobody is advocating for “no growth.” The real debate is about building anything, anywhere, anytime versus following the rules set forth in the Coastal Act.[/quote] Let's see, if Mr. Lansing can state that nobody is advocating for 'no-growth' then I guess someone can also state that nobody is avocating for building anything, anywhere, anytime. The resident…

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 01, 2007
I understand that Starbuck's and Peet's have teamed up with Trader Joe's to purchase Cunha's. They are changing the name to A Casinha. I don't think it's a good idea.

POST transfers 6 sq. mi. Driscoll Ranch to MROSD

December 29, 2006
In response to Mary Keitelman who wrote: [quote] "It will be great to hike it to see how wildlife corridors are accommodated."[/quote] Okay, I'll bite. What about the wildife corridors? And in what ways are they best accommodated? Or hindered? Just wondering because Driscoll is fairly local to me and so its wildlife is also fairly local to me.

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

December 06, 2006
Darin Boville asks: [quote]"Would you support our local farming heritage by making the Wavecrest property farmland in perpetuity?"[/quote] Perpetuity. Now where have I heard that word used lately? Oh, I remember! The folks complaining about YMCA Camp Jones Gulch's NTMP (timber harvest permit) are against granting the permit because it would allow the YMCA to log the property in perpetuity. Isn't logging sort of like farming? I don't think I wanna go there just now. Let's see how the logging thing…

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