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Representative Tom Lantos dies

February 11, 2008
I'd just like to say what a pleasure it was to have met Congressman Lantos. I had the opportunity to take a number of tours on the coast, most recently of the tunnel site, with Mr. Lantos and his wife Annette. I was on site to take photos of the tour, and Mr. Lantos took the time to talk with me, ask my thoughts on the project and what it meant to the residents of the coast. In my experience he was kind and deferential to everyone,; staff, Caltrans workers, local residents and small time photographers…

Should TalkAbout continue to allow anonymous postings?

November 20, 2007
Anonymous posting produces exactly what you expect. 100% acrimony 0% accountability.

HMB Police capture murder suspect

September 26, 2007
To be fair, I believe Chief O'Keefe was saying that typically the homeless population of Half Moon Bay is not engaging in high profile crimes. That being said, I am personally extremely concerned about our homeless neighbors and the total lack of shelter on the coast. These "hidden homeless" include Vietnam vets, single moms with kids, fishermen, field workers, and young people trying to stay above water in one of the most expensive regions in the country. Coastside Hope struggles every day to find…

Back-to-School Confidential

September 05, 2007
Thanks Heather. I'm pleased to know that someone else shares my slightly skewed sense of humor. Truth be told, my 15 year old read it and was terrified that someone would take me seriously!

Thanks to the American Legion for last night’s fireworks

July 05, 2007
I have to admit to being quite jealous of these terrific pictures that Elizabeth took! I tried shooting the last fireworks show we had on the coast and her shots are miles beyond mine! Great work - I hope you'll keep contributing!

The Review’s publisher is confused about park financing, democracy

June 15, 2007
I'm especially appalled at the comment "get off his duff". For a man who just celebrated his 80th birthday, John is off his duff more than most people in this town. I've seen John at beach clean ups, out distributing food to the less fortunate, hauling donated turkeys, sorting food for the food pantry and spending hours outside collecting money and donations for the holiday Adopt-a-Family program. If more of the people attacking John Lynch did half as much as he and his wife Jule do, our community…

Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee awards over $100,000

April 19, 2007
Actually, we had a very kind donor give us a wonderful meridian system. We applied for the grant ($2500) to cover the coast of pulling out the old phone system and PBX box and installing the new equipments. I'm working with Barry and Darin to get some more info out here on coastsider about the needs of the agency especially as we transition out of transportation. In the meantime, anyone interested in hearing more or who wants to help the agency do call us anytime and I'll personally take you on a…

Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee awards over $100,000

April 18, 2007
Coastside Hope applied to the committee for a grant to replace our antiquated phone system but we were turned down due to the total number of grants exceeding the funding available. As the CORE human service agency for the coast, we will continue to diligently seek funds to continue the critical services of food, shelter and aid for our community’s low-income families, seniors and individuals. Thanks for looking out for us John.

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 12, 2007
I just find it amusing that Mr. Perkins is willing to post a theory on this topic with no idea who the author is, her credentials, what background/education supports her belief, etc. etc. Debate on Global Warming aside, too many people are willing to blindly regurgitate the online ramblings of others with no attempt to verify the author's credentials, etc. The internet is a glorious tool. After you find that startling missive that supports your every personal belief, click around a little more and…

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 02, 2007
As the one who started down the path - I think this type of silliness beats some of the other kind Barry and I get on the site! That being said - I have one word for you - Monorail! (Nod to fans of the Simpsons out there) On the more serious side, this is what happens when you don't pay close attention to what your elected officials are approving, both behind the scenes and in session. And one of the reasons for Coastsiders continued commitment to making government meetings accessible to as many…

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 01, 2007
As the resident "Good Ol' Girl" from the South (Charleston, South Carolina thank you so kindly) you're just not thinking big enough Kevin. Here's how we do it back home (and, why I live here now!)

Opinion: James brings Christmas to Half Moon Bay

December 30, 2006
Bill - I hope you'll write more - you story is inspiring and captures so much that is missed by so many. As someone who works every day with the homeless and families on the edge I can tell you that your story is repeated every day in a hundred different ways. I am always touched and humbled by the way our clients are some of the first to reach out, the first to help, the first to volunteer. Many is the day that our food bank is being stocked by the very people who need help the most. Thank you for…

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 29, 2006
I agree Bob. For those interested in a primer on the issue of photography rights, etc. follow this link to an excellent recap by USA Today's Andrew Kantor. In his article are links to PDF's, legal opinion, case law etc. A good read for anyone interested in fact over opinion.

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2006
As a photographer here on the coast, primarily for Coastsider, I can tell you from personal experience that scare tactics and intimidation happen all the time. While shooting for Coastsider, I have personally been threatened, bullied, screamed at, and in one case had a 250lb construction worker run at me full speed to take my equipment. He stopped short upon seeing my cell phone to my ear. I was on public property, bothering no one, and just trying to do my job. I wonder Mr. Gina where my right to…

School Board candidates square off Monday, Oct 30

November 01, 2006
Ric - This is the very reason we have trouble attracting educated, passionate, experienced candidates to office on the coast. I can't tell you how many people I've heard from, who are highly qualified to run, but don't want to subject themselves, or, importantly, their families, to "The Politics of Hate, Division, and Blame" on the coast. In the CUSD this is particularly true of parents of young children in the school system, who have direct experience with the district and who personally live with…

Supervisors vote to allow no more housing on Burnham Strip

October 19, 2006
This may be a bit off-topic, but I do want to lend my personal experience with the realtors and SAMCAR. The realtor who sold us our house, Denise Aquilar was knowledgeable, honest, and worked tirelessly for us in every manner of the word. As ED of the Coastside Opportunity Center I can tell you that the realtors of the Coast are very supportive of our local non-profits. They are active board members, volunteer at events, and our own second harvest food drive each month is often manned by realtors.…

Freakishly large pumpkin lumbers to victory in Half Moon Bay

October 10, 2006
I'll swing by Farmer John's and grab a few shots today for posting this evening Leonard. How's that for full service? Actually I have a bunch of pumpkin shots "in the queue" so do stay tuned.

Photo: Surfing at Kelp Cove

October 05, 2006
There is an amazing video called "Coastal Clash" that I recommend everyone living on the Coastside take the time to watch. At one time, I too, would have thought like Mr. Hyman that Rip-Rap makes sense and would be a protection of the bluffs. How wrong I was, and what a difference a little education can make. There is an excellent online tutorial about armoring the beach at: The use of rip rap is not only futile, but in fact causes additional damage.…

Photos: Wine Walk 2006

September 26, 2006
Thank you Alicia - the performances your group did, throughout the evening, were a real highlight for many. I have a full album of pictures that will be posted tomorrow with more of the Del Fuego Dance troupe. Enjoy.

Cunha returns to old schedule, cancels buses

September 14, 2006
Tonight I had planned to attend the school board meeting at 7 to address the busing issue, but in an ironic twist of fate, Cunha planned their back to school/meet the teachers night tonight at the same time. It makes me wonder if the board and the school even talk, much less consider coordinating schedules so that involved parents are not forced to choose between the two. It was a difficult decision, but I chose to be there for my son. I'd love to hear from Ken or anyone else who made the meeting,…

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