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Photo: HMB HS students ask CUSD board to keep counselors

March 11, 2010
I heard the final student comments. The comments were excellent, the students were impressive. Alternate budget cuts were suggested. One student made a particularly critical point: Students must feel safe in school, from bullies and other threats, to be able to do their best in the academics. I think it is important for folks to know that the district board has very little discretion in is spending choices. I have not looked at the budget, but it seemed that the students had. I think discussions…

Pacifica examines widening part of Hwy 1 to six lanes

March 10, 2010
I think TA and Pacifica need to update their assumptions, traffic studies and proposed solutions. I-80, across the Sacramento River bypass between the bay area and Sacramento is 3 lanes in each direction. Unfortunately there was no staff report available at the meeting. With the stop lights at Crespi and Reina Del Mar set up the way they are this will be a very expensive way to add vehicular storage between 2 traffic lights - particularly as this will be just a wide spot between 2 sections of the…

El Niño may still lead to wet weather this year

January 09, 2010
For Montara you can track this years rainfall against last years by going to: We are at a little less than 1/3 of normal for the ytd. The averages differ from HMB through Montara and from west to east given the microclimates created by Montara Mountain and the coastal range.

Supervisor Gordon’s office hours, Thursday

September 21, 2009
I received the following correction from Matt: Everyone, Sorry for all the confusion on this. My original email is correct, Supervisor Gordon will be at the first hour of office hours and then I will be covering the second hour. Turns out the prior engagement has been canceled. So please pass on to any interested folks you may know, Thanks, Matt Kathryn

County policies lead to failing wells

August 05, 2009
If the County were monitoring quantity and quality of water taken from single family wells it would not need to ask for volunteers to help get data for the well study: 090730/ Steve, You seem to be far more concerned with the rights of builders than the plight of folks who purchase a home and end up with a failing well. You talk about the fact that after market water connection rights are available at CCWD, but do not mention the…

Of Teddy Bears, Alligators, and the Passing of a Great Spirit

July 13, 2009
I am sorry to hear of Rod's passing. He was a very special part of the coast. I shall miss seeing him at Cafe Lucca. His smile brought sunshine to the foggiest morning. Kathryn

Water as a sustainable coastal resource, film and discussion, Thursday

May 03, 2009
Jo, I have received calls asking why MWSD is not represented at this valuable event. There is a serious water issue here on the midcoast - involving not only CCWD but MWSD, & folks dependent on wells for water for their homes, & folks dependent on large amounts of sustainable fresh water for golf courses, greenhouses and agriculture. SAM, under the leadership of GSD & MWSD, is working hard on getting a test recycled water project up and running a.s.a.p. - in spite of past threats of lawsuits from…

Yee announces bill to get HMB $10 million in parks money for Beachwood

March 29, 2009
Ken, thanks for a clear answer. As I read it bankruptcy is not equivalent to disincorporation. I have been impressed with HMB/s very low level of debt. For the financial qurus out there: Would a muni-bankruptcy create future credit problems for the city? Kathryn

Yee announces bill to get HMB $10 million in parks money for Beachwood

March 28, 2009
What are the pros and cons of a municipal bankruptcy? Would it mean the disincorporation of HMB? Certainly the County could not fill in the holes left by the disincorporation of HMB. Kathryn

Letter: Delicious food at 7th Street Montara—locals’ discounts, too

March 20, 2009
I enjoy all of the above business and want to put a pitch in for Princeton Seafood. We have a wonderful meal there tonight for a very reasonable price. The only folks I saw there were locals, but I would encourage more to have a meal there - Also, in Princeton on the afternoon of the first Thursday of the month there is a local car 'show'- there are many wonderful works of art that are brought out for all to enjoy there. It is a very fine, fun event. Kathryn

Coastside Clinic will be open in midday this week and next for records retrieval [UPDATED]

March 18, 2009
Today in Montara I spoke to a friend. He was unaware that CFMC had stopped operating on Friday. He was particularly shocked at the closure because he was a patient at CFMC. I would encourage an outreach program by CFMC to each family it has served. Kathryn

Letter: Coastal Commission recommendation for Midcoast plan needs your support

March 11, 2009
HI Joel, We did not have time to schedule a meeting to discuss this very important issue. Now that it has been continued until August we will have time to make a recommendation. I will ask to have it put on one of our April agendas. Kathryn

CalTrans update on Tunnels and other Hwy 1 issues, at MCC Wednesday

February 23, 2009
I am curious if CalTrans has plans to eliminate the huge, dangerous puddle that forms at in the center of the left turn lanes from southbound Hwy 1 & Hwy. 92. This puddle is deep enough to cause problems for small, low vehicles and water is thrown up onto windshields causing a temporary loss of clear views for higher vehicles. It seems to me this drainage problem would be simple to fix.

Letter: MCC takes up Big Wave, Wednesday

February 09, 2009
scans from the facilities plan can be seen at:

Video: Places that are not worth caring about

February 04, 2009
Barry, Thank you. This is a very important piece for us all to watch and think about. It is 20 minutes well spent. Kathryn

Video: HMB director refuses to vacate chair of SAM

February 03, 2009
this video demonstrates the fallacy in the LAFCo "consolidate all" logic. I hate to imagine how this area would be if we had been part of HMB all along. Carl is correct, we need very local government. Locally elected agencies that can think and act appropriately; within and beyond their boundaries in terms of public health, safety and environmental protections.

How many people does a Supervisor represent?

January 30, 2009
Darin, There you go - repeating some mantra of "secret meetings" - can you prove this? Kathryn

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 26, 2009
Darin wrote: " If not enough candidates run and there are empty seats then fine, leave them empty." The Board of Supervisors can then appoint the members if it chooses. In fact it is the Board of Supervisors who does make the appointment {see tomorrows BoS agenda } The MCC can only make recommendations: Darin wrote: "I would strongly oppose any appointment to the MCC which did not look to be representative of the mainstream Midcoast political spectrum. If a strongly pro-growth candidate…

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 25, 2009
Darin, What issues on the past MCC agendas would present an incompatible office for members of GSD on MCC? Would it satisfy you to have a GSD member recuse him/herself if such an issue came up? Why or why not? Kathryn

Letter: Heroes are listed alphabetically in Montara

January 22, 2009
Al, thanks for telling your story. I am inspired by the everyday heroism of our neighbors. Kathryn

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