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Senator Yee proposes naming Devil’s Slide tunnel after Tom Lantos

January 11, 2008
I want to add my thanks for naming the tunnel after Representative Lantos. Without the funding this could not be happening - This is a project that truly could not have happened without a great deal of dedication and follow thru by the entire community: I hope the twin bridges are named after Lennie Roberts and Ollie Mayer - and that other portions of the new trail are named after other community members who devoted so much of their lives to seeing that this project would happen.

Weather service forecasts high winds, surf, coastal flooding Thursday, Friday

January 03, 2008
As a member of the Midcoast Stormwater Drainage Committee I would appreciate the documentation of flooded areas and homes. The County has very little documentation of the problem areas. If anyone sees a flooded area please photograph the flooding and the area the flooding is coming from along with a notation of exactly where it/they occur. Please e-mail the photos and comments to me at . Thanks, Kathryn

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 26, 2007
I agree with Ray - this community has been held hostage by thoses seeking to bundle community recreation facilities with huge new development projects. I think the fact that this site was designated too wet to farm in the '40's or '50s might be a clue as to why it has had the problems it suffers from over the years. The water problems on that area of coastal terrace are known to some of us. The Alsace Lorraine area needed to have expensive, new drainage systems installed in the 80's. I have spoken…

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 16, 2007
A big Thanks to Bruce Russell, Audrey Rust and everyone else who had a part to play in this purchase. This is a beautiful site that will attract birders and other ecotourists from around the world. Kathryn

Riptide brings news blogging to Pacifica

April 16, 2007
Pacifica continues to push the bad ideas forward. For instance at todays Pacifica Planning Commission meeting is a project called the "Prospects". It consists of 34 units: 17 condos and 17 townhouses. Besides adding even more traffic to an already congested road in the morning and evening there are other problems associated with this. Even at that, staff recommendation is for approval. Please come to Pacifica City Hall Planning Commission meeting tonight. All parking for complex is in an underground…

County Times covers Midcoast growing pains

March 29, 2007
Our sewer infrastructure is provided by our own special districts. Seweer connections are not the only infrastructure necessary in an urban setting. Aside from roads, we have a problem here. The county is allowing development without adequate infrastructure: We have inadequate water systems, for differing reasons - Almost all new development in unincorporated CCWD and all in MWSD is done on individual wells. The county well study will not include a long term safe yeild study of all the aquifers in…

Video Column: Right Here In the Middle

March 27, 2007
Darin and Neil, Thank you both for making this video. It is an important and timely piece. I wish I new a "better way" - we tried coming up with community standards when the new zoning parameters and design review guidelines were adopted. We, the community, wanted enforceable standards that would result in development reflecting community character in scale and design. The County assured the community that the new standards would result in a fair result for both property developers and neighbors.…

Dee Harley declared Farmer of the Year

March 24, 2007
I would be very interested in a further explanation of Senator Speiers comment. Perhaps she, or someone from her office, could expand on what she said for those of us who were unable to attend. Kathryn

Video: Montara workshop on 7-unit subdivision near Farallone View

March 21, 2007
Brian, Thanks for the compliment. We are not anti-development: we have a history of supporting appropriate development. Our Midcoast community remains a beautiful place because of the long history of actions by community members who insist that the laws be applied in an even handed fashion taking into account neighbors and the environment as well as developers. I think the insistence of the developer in calling the 20 ft wide creek a "drainage ditch" revealed the distance between the communtity and…

Letter: Workshop Monday night for proposed subdivision near Farallone View

March 18, 2007
Under current county policy each of these units could have a second unit - the traffic and congestion could be twice as bad. I beleive that every new subdivision needs to be evaluated at the highest probable density. The road will be running over a creek that runs into the wetlands on the north side of Montara. Everyone living in Second St should be come and ask what will happed to the increased runoffgenerated by the homes, associated impervious surfaces and the new roadL It could flood 2nd St.…

Fire boards vote to reject firefighters’ petitions

March 07, 2007
Can anyone provide Coastsider with a copy of the petition? I was never at the post office at the right time to be able to read it. Thanks, Kathryn

Darin’s Monday Photo: The Bird and the Bee, in Montara

February 12, 2007
Darin, this is an amazing photo. Thanks for sharing it, Kathryn

Video: HMB Planning Commission questions city’s sale of land

February 02, 2007
Dana asks a very pertinent question: What is the City policy on disposal of surplus property? I followed the Pt. Montara Fire Protection District sale of a lot here in Montara. The only information not disclosed to the public was the name of the buyer. It was discussed at several board meetings. However, several questions come to mind as a follow up: What other property does HMB own? Who approached whom on the sale of this lot? Why was it declared surplus when it was? What other uses that meet public…

Letter: City council working at cross purposes?

February 01, 2007
The safety imporovments are Terrace are needed a.s.a.p. Folks on both sides of the road will have improved (in terms of both safety and time) access to their own community. This safety improvement will benefit not only the folks in the immediate neighborhoods but those from any area to the north - 60 to 70 percent of all midcoast commute traffic goes through that intersection morings and afternoons. Visitors driving up to north HMB and the midcoast will benefit as well. I recall hearing complaints…

MWSD considering rate increase

January 23, 2007
Part 2: ALJ/CMW/jt2 Mailed 12/1/2006 Decision 06-11-050 November 30, 2006 BEFORE THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA In the Matter of the Application of California-American Water Company (U 210 W) for an order authorizing it to increase its rates for water service in its Monterey District to increase revenues by $9,456,100 or 32.88% in the year 2006; $1,894,100 or 4.95% in the year 2007; and $1,574,600 or 3.92% in the year 2008; and for an order authorizing sixteen Special…

MWSD considering rate increase

January 22, 2007
Another analogy - perhaps closer to home is some respects - is a recent decision from the PUC (see below) regarding two sister districts who have not been able to become publicly owned special districts. The folks opposing these increases: - had to hire expensive attorneys to represent them; - had to travel to SF during regular business days simply to observe the hearings; - and could count on not being allowed to speak unless they were attending as an expert witness added to the proceedings by their…

Coastside not fully prepared for a tsunami, says Grand Jury

November 23, 2006
The association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) has a set of interactive natural hazard maps as well as practical advice for preparing for a large disaster on line. The tsunami hazard map can be found at:

Coastsider endorses Pam Fisher for CUSD board

November 04, 2006
After watching the video with all candidates I am reminded of a quote from Einstein: “"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them" Kathryn

Come help Coastsider clean Highway 1 in Montara Saturday

November 03, 2006
Barry, this sounds like fun. I'll be there. Kathryn

Pacifica considers widening Hwy 1 near quarry

November 02, 2006
Joel writes: "It’s not like widening the road will REQUIRE more people to move to the area, like the “Growth Including” claimants would have you believe." Joel, are you saying that the only a project that requires people to move to the area is growth inducing? if not, please define 'growth inducing'. Also, what exactly is a ' "Growth Including" claimant'? Thanks Kathryn

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